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Let's face it, Renault Sport fumbled the last Cleo Rs, so it's got a little bit of making up to do.
And this car here, the new McGann RS is designed to do just that, but it's not gonna have things or its own way.
It arrives having to fight with Cooper.
Go far.
The new Honda Civic Type R Less Top gear.
Current reigning Car of the year.
But just a side note.
I think there's space for plenty of hot hatch talent.
Hot Hatch sales quadrupled in Europe since 2012.
Okay, so the tech details Under here we have a 1.8 litre, four cylinder turbocharged engine, the same engine effectively you get in an hour in a 1 10 just in a higher state of tune.
So 277 horseman, not 62 in 5.8 seconds, which is bang on the Honda Civic Type R In terms of the chassis, well, you can ever sports chassis or you can have a cup chassis that's 10% stiffer.
You can ever six speed manual or six beef, Twin clutch or time.
Now the McGann RS has always been the more extreme the more hard core end of the hot hat spectrum.
So I suspect cup chassis, a manual gearbox is the way you want to go.
Another mechanical news, this four wheel steering, a first in the hot hatch segment.
Clearly, the engineers decided it was worth the wait penalty for the extra agility and the slow corners and the stability at high speeds.
On DDE, you get a limited slip differential on the front axle.
You'd have to say, it's Ah, pretty good looking car, isn't it?
You see, it's 60 millimeters wider than the standard again of the front.
Slightly lessen that the rear.
But you can still see the archers trying to bust out of the body.
Work here.
The back.
We've got a diffuser.
We've got a central exhaust pipe of the front s, um, fancy led lights that mimic the new Renno Sport logo on on the inside, it's pretty much standard again, apart from some superb Alcantar sport seats.
Basically, it's just pretty in a way that the civic type R isn't, and this thing starts at around 30 grand, which undercuts the Honda on paper.
Then type R should be very worried.
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Renault Megane RS Walkaround | Top Gear

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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