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“Hi, my name is David F. Sandberg,
and I’m the director of “Shazam!”
So this scene is when our protagonist Billy Batson
has just turned into adult superhero Shazam played
by Zachary Levi.
And he doesn’t know why he got this power
or what to do with it, so he seeks out
his new foster brother, Freddy,
played by Jack Dylan Grazer.
Freddy is a big superhero fan and a bit of a superhero
expert, and he’s hoping that he
knows what to do with this.”
“Stupid adult hands.”
“Now Zach and Jack are just amazing together.
It took a long time to find Zach,
to find the right kid to play this because he is a big kid
at heart, and Jack is like this super fast-talking,
super smart little kid, and the two of them together is
just amazing because they have this —
a lot of their banter just comes naturally,
which made my job as a director really easy
because they found their characters right away.”
“That's crazy, right?”
“What are your super powers?”
“Super powers?
Dude, I don’t even know how to pee in this thing.”
“O.K. Can you fly?”
“And oftentimes that meant letting the camera roll
for a little longer and see what
they would do when they ran out of script
or do take after take just to see how they would change it
up because no two takes would ever be the same.”
“Obviously you have to jump.
Come on.”
“How is any of this obvious?”
“And coming up here is our stuntman Ryan jumping off
a car into a very tiny pad onto the ground that
was painted out, but I’m always
so impressed by stunt people and the things
they’re able to do and the pain
they’re able to deal with because it’s not like stunt
people don’t feel pain.
They just do these things anyway.”
“Did you believe?”
“And as you can see, the environment here, this
takes place in Philadelphia.”
“You want to try invisibility?”
“Now the thing was when we scouted
Toronto where we shot it, there
was so much cool graffiti.
And I was like, this is going to be perfect.
This is awesome.”
“Oh my God, it worked.
Where’d you go?”
“But then of course because of rights and everything,
you can’t use all of that graffiti,
so you have to put up your own graffiti.
So a lot of what you see here is the stuff
that art department put up, except that Bike Pirates
in the back there.
That was something that was there.”
“I might have been testing invisibility
and super intelligence at the same time.”
“Coming up here is the exploding transformer,
which was something we did for real on the day.
And my direction to the pyrotechnics guys
was to Michael Bay it.”
“Oh my God, the lightning emblem.
It was staring us right in the face the whole time.”
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Watch Zachary Levi Discover Superpowers in ‘Shazam!’ | Anatomy of a Scene

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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