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What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
I’m Scooter Magruder and this is Magruder Mobile and today we drove all the way to the
University of South Florida to find out how to tell if a girl likes you.
Today I’m here with:
Darion Sean
Samantha Shea
Javi Luke
Desiree Ruel
Andrea Lindi
And we’re talking about how to tell if a girl likes you, but before we get into that,
tells us about you’re experience going here so far:
I’ve been here for about three years.
It’s pretty awesome.
It’s been a lot of fun.
I’ve met a lot of new people.
Tops all the other Florida schools, I know that for sure.
Tops FSU, cause FSU just has it backwards U-S-F.
Is it true that all the people who go to USF got denied from UCF?
Some people are wondering that right now.
It’s actually backwards.
Oh no!
We’re the best school ever.
I mean we’re the top 3 research universities in Florida.
What are the other two?
Um, UF I guess.
I don’t know the…
Great answer!
All the people who go to UCF got denied from USF.
If you go to UCF it’s because you didn’t have the chance to get into USF.
What is there to do in Tampa?
Tampa, well first of all you can go to a basketball game.
Really, there’s nothing.
I guess there’s a lot of things to do.
I, personally, went here cause my twin sister goes here.
You can go to the beach of course.
So what’s something that you maybe would change about USF?
I’d put it in a different location in Tampa.
It’s kind of grungy over here.
You can go watch the football team.
It’s not the SEC, but you know we got football.
One thing you would change about USF?
Umm, I think people need to have more pride about our school.
I’ve seen people wearing UM, UF stuff and that’s not cool.
The football stadium is not on campus.
Luke, are you the only black person that goes to USF?
There’s a lot of black guys here.
So there are a lot of black guys that go here?
I think so, yeah.
Are you into black guys?
I am, yes.
The real reason that we came to the University of South Florida is cause we’re trying to
figure out: how to tell if a girl likes you.
How to tell if a girl likes you.
How to tell if a girl likes you.
How can I tell if you like me?
Well, I respond well to when you talk to me.
If she text back right away, first of all.
If she takes 2-3 hours to text back, she not feeling you that much.
OK, so if a girl looks at you she wants it automatically?
Pretty much.
I’ll laugh at your jokes even if they’re not funny.
I like to ask them leading questions or loaded questions.
Give me an example of one of these loaded questions.
Like you know: “How you feel about us?”
I like to do a lot of pick-up lines.
Give us an example of a pick-up line.
Alright, you got a sugar packet, ok…and you just drop it on the ground and be like
“Excuse me ma’am, you dropped your nametag.”
Has that pick-up line actually worked ever?
Don’t lie.
Don’t lie.
A guy’s walking next to you, he drops a packet of sugar.
He says, “Excuse me, you dropped your ID”, would that one work on you?
Um, I mean it’d make me laugh.
Hahaha, that’s lame!
Now what are some signs that a girl is really just not that into you?
I’d say the cold shoulder.
I have a boyfriend.
So, even if you don’t have a boyfriend?
I’ll say I have a boyfriend.
If they’re not getting it, I’ll tell them.
Tell me what you would say to me right now.
You’re a really nice guy.
You’re really nice but…
We can go out but…
Maybe we can just be friends.
I want to just be single.
The best way to make sure a guy doesn’t like you is to friend zone him.
Yeah, instead of being rude and saying you’re ugly so bye.
What happens with the Facebook Chat though?
I ignore it, normally.
Cause you know they can see if you read it now.
I’ll just be like “hey” and then I just won’t respond cause I’ll get off of Facebook.
I don’t open them.
You know they sent them but you don’t even open them?
No, because it’ll say their name and like it’ll start off and you can read what the
beginning is.
Have you ever told someone “You’re ugly, so bye?”
No, but I have said, “You can delete my number.”
How did he have your number in the first place?
You tell me if this means she likes you: You’re at a club, you’re dancing…she grinds with
you for 3 straight songs.
She likes you.
What if she’s drunk though?
Oh, then it doesn’t count.
Yeah, I think it does count.
Some people say, girls give off non-verbal communication that can hint at whether or
not they like you.
Do you agree with this?
Most of our communication is really non-verbal.
Even silence is a form of communication meaning something.
Non-verbally you could say that you liked me.
How would you do that right now?
Did you hear that?
You didn’t hear that?
That sound means you’ve been selected to represent your school in the academic challenge.
What is the square root of 16?
Who is the current vice president of the United States of America?
Romney was the president running.
Biden…Joe Biden.
How many continents are there?
What is the third planet from the Sun?
Umm, Mars?
Who was the starting quarterback for USF last year?
Aw man!
I have his picture in my head.
He was black.
Had waves in his hair.
BJ Daniels.
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No Jugamos Juegos.
Throw me the alley.
Go Bulls.
Go Bulls.
I’m a grown man.
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How to Tell if She Likes You - University of South Florida

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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