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- So what don't you know?
- Everything.
- One team gets the ball
and they're trying to score.
- I'm not that dumb.
- College is a little bit different from NFL.
If I run that route, that's a post.
How many points is a touchdown worth?
- Six.
- That's good, most people would've said seven.
You run up 10 yards, come back, hitch.
The extra point is one point.
How many points is a two-point conversion worth?
- Two. (laughs)
- Okay, you'd be surprised.
You have four attempts to get 10 yards.
Come up, hitch, keep going, hitch-n-go.
That's when you get 'em on the double move.
Oh, got 'em!
Where you going?
I'm scoring.
So if it's first down and you gain five yards,
what is it?
- First and five.
- To the left of the center is the left guard.
It's first down and 10.
So to the right of the center is the...
- Right guard.
- You gain five yards,
so it's now second down and...
- Five.
- Post-corner, go to the corner of the end zone.
Boom, come back,
ooh! You see that?
- So why do you like the Cowboys?
- Because I'm American.
- Why wasn't that a catch?
- He didn't make a football move.
- He looks controlled to me.
- No, he has to make a football move and--
- Isn't the whole game of football a move?
- Honestly, no one knows what a catch is.
- How do they know how far to go
if they can't see the yellow lines?
- Field awareness.
I'm the center, you're the left guard.
Left tackle,
most important position on the offensive line,
- Because they're defending.
- Hit stick! Hit stick! Oh!
10 yards, cut it in.
In, this is in.
What is this?
- Oh, out.
I thought you said N.
I'm like, that's not an N.
- Like the letter N?
Two conferences, AFC, NFC.
In each conference, four divisions.
Each division winner goes to the playoffs.
Two other teams go to the playoffs, as well,
whichever two teams have the best record,
but didn't win their division.
So let's say your division is really good.
4-3, four defensive linemen, three linebackers.
3-4, three defensive linemen, four linebackers.
One knee equals two feet.
The quarterback of the defense, middle linebacker.
Pocket awareness.
From the left tackle to the right tackle,
going this way, that's the pocket.
When he goes outside of the right tackle
or the left tackle, he's outside of the pocket.
Sometimes you gotta step up in the pocket.
Sometimes you just gotta scramble
from the pocket and just go.
See how he's going in motion?
You know that's man-on-man coverage,
'cause he's following him.
If he wasn't following him,
that would be zone coverage.
- Fake handoff.
- That is called play action.
Why do you run the ball?
To pass.
Between the center and the right guard,
that's the A gap,
Boom, B gap.
So if you're running, and running, and running,
I hit you with the play action,
- Oh, I got it. - Yep.
- So there's different rules for college football
and NFL football overtime?
Why would they do that?
- So if you're in the SEC,
you don't really have
to play a hard out-of-conference schedule
because you're already playing all the best teams
in the nation.
That's why UCF is garbage.
They don't play anyone.
Wide receiver, cornerback,
not the quarterback, cornerback.
- The onside thing-y, what's that called again?
Safe catch?
- You score, kick the extra point,
then you kick off--
- That's a punt.
- No, no.
He faked it to the running back and he kept it.
You see, he's reading the defensive end.
Now, who is the most important person on the line?
- [Angela] Left tackle.
- Exactly.
Why is the left tackle the most important?
Movie, think about the movie.
- Because he's protecting the blind side.
- Exactly, there we go (claps loudly).
What are screens?
Sometimes you let the defense rush you, okay?
NFC winner versus the AFC winner,
they meet in the Super Bowl.
That's why only certain teams can play
in the Super Bowl.
Urban Meyer said he had health problems.
But then a year later, he's coachin' at Ohio State.
- The Ohio State.
- So like what type of health problems?
Did they just go away?
NFL draft, there's seven rounds in the draft.
If you have the worst record, you pick first.
That's why the Browns were always picking first
in the NFL.
In college, you can recruit anyone, anywhere.
It doesn't matter.
Now, when you do it illegally,
that's when you win a lot of championships.
So that's why I think Alabama is going to have
to forfeit all their championships.
A false start is when an offensive player moves
before the snap.
- But if a defensive player moves before the snap.
- They can do that, they can do whatever they want.
But if they line up over the line of scrimmage,
you know what the line of scrimmage is?
- Mm-hmm.
- What's the line of scrimmage?
- Where the ball is.
- You know what a audible is?
The quarterback gets to the line of scrimmage,
he's looking around,
he sees something he doesn't like.
What does he do? (makes phone ring tone)
He calls an audible.
What is the middle linebacker?
He's the blank of the defense.
- Quarterback.
- Exactly.
Sometimes they can change the play too.
Oh, you're audible-ing?
We're gonna audible too.
ACC is a one-team conference.
It's just Clemson that's good, no one else is good.
Cover 3.
Okay, this is where it gets interesting.
- Why aren't the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?
(melancholy violin music)
- You see, what had happened--
I'm a grown man.
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Teaching Your Girlfriend Football

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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