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Game 4, baby.
We win this the series is ours.
Let's see how y'all do now that Klay's back.
Hopefully Klay's hamstring gets a little bit tight.
Is Looney back too?
I thought he was out for the series.
Is anyone gonna score?
The heck is DeMarcus Cousins doing?
He may need to come off the bench.
Our 3-pointers aren't falling this game.
Klay looks just fine.
Hamstring looks good to me.
Let's go Livingston.
Give them buckets!
Kawhi is the only reason we're still in the game.
He has 14 of the 17 points in the first quarter.
Is this how Steph felt last game?
Did they just call an offensive foul on Curry?
About time they started calling that.
Steph kicks his leg out every time.
Danny Green is 0/6 so far.
Klay is putting in work!
Only down 4 at half.
How are we only up 4 four?
With the way we've been shooting, I'll take it.
3rd quarter, you already know what's about to happen.
We got the lead, baby!
Now our 3's are starting to fall.
Draymond with the chase down block!
Sit down Lowry!
Shut up Draymond!
That was a foul.
This man argues every call.
Bogut just pushed Kawhi.
That should be a flagrant.
Klay Thompson for 3.
Let's go!
Klay's got 22.
Is Lowry hurt?
I think he's good.
Ibaka with the block!
And he makes the 3!
Let's go!
They've been fouling Steph all night.
Tech on Draymond.
Draymond, you gotta stay composed.
Tee him up!
This is the finals.
About time he got a tech.
This the type of 3rd quarter I'm talking about.
What is Cook doing?
Can he make a shot?
Going back to the Box-1 on Curry.
Kawhi Leonard is a grown man!
We up 12 to start the 4th quarter.
Livingston elbowed VanVleet.
Is that his tooth?
He might have a concussion.
Incidental contact.
We can do this.
Let's finish them off.
Don't panic, we can still comeback.
Ibaka is coming in clutch.
And 1!
Kawhi for 3, bucket.
Up 16, eight minutes to go.
Danny Green's 1st bucket of the game is a 3?
I'll take it.
Why would you foul Steph Curry, Danny Green?
There we go, down 10 five minutes left.
Looney, how do you miss both free throws?
Let's go baby!
Iguadala missed a free throw too!
We're not gonna comeback missing free throws.
Why did Draymond just foul Siakim?
Are Warriors fans leaving?
Where y'all going?
Y'all could comeback.
We lost this one, that's fine.
Minor setback for a major comeback.
Who was the only team to comeback from a 3-1 deficit?
I don't recall.
Yeah, We the North!!!
Kawhi had 36!
I love this guy.
We're gonna win the championship.
If the Cavs can do it, we can do it.
Is KD healthy yet?
The heck is he doing?
That's fine, that's fine.
We got this.
We're gonna win the championship.
He's gonna come back
and we're gonna do it again next year.
Board man gets paid!
We're gonna comeback.
We're gonna comeback.
I've never felt like this in my life.
This is our time.
One more game.
Let's go.
Let's GO!!!!
I'm a grown man.
Only way the Warriors can win now...re-sign Zaza.
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NBA Fans During Game 4

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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