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  • JULIA WOLFE: This new piece for the Philharmonic

  • is the third piece in a series of pieces

  • about the American worker.

  • I have been thinking about women in the workforce.

  • And we're talking about immigrant women

  • from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Southern Italy.

  • And they came with a skill set.

  • They know how to sew.

  • And they wind up working on these huge factory floors.

  • The title was actually said by Clara Lemlich,

  • who one of the amazing political leaders of the time.

  • There was an interview with her later,

  • sometime around 1950s to 1960s.

  • And she said, ah, then I had fire in my mouth.

  • It's a multimedia piece.

  • My collaborator is Jeff Sugg.

  • He's creating a projection design.

  • We're working with photographs and other kinds

  • of archival material.

  • Such a gift, really, to be able to lay

  • that on these super high level musicians with Jaap conducting.

  • It's really thrilling.


JULIA WOLFE: This new piece for the Philharmonic

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