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we gotta have this game.
Let's go.
Oh, that's a beautiful.
That's what I'm talking about, Dad.
Land in college and now they're punching on fourth and Inches was going a place we just want to reverse.
What did they do?
It got run running.
The ball is in the office.
We should run the whole time that away, Jack.
Get the points.
You're still on probation.
I can't do anything on offense, even though we didn't complete him.
I like to deep passes.
It's calling the plays this off.
How many times they're going to show that O.
B J catch from four years ago?
Do they know that they lost that?
They're going for it on their side in the field and they got it up in Cuba.
What with goal fourth down.
The Giants are going for the game and a Q B stink again.
Defense bowling.
Fall started.
Catch that, Rico almost intercepted.
At what?
You're missing Way too many.
What happened to our office?
We tackle Got Linnehan is definitely calling the plays now.
Too many yards after the cat go to Marcus Lord.
That's what we needed to know what happened to our offense.
But we need more tape on Austin.
You even get so good are often started out.
Did you see the play calling?
Our P O.
Simply State office was calling the place in the first quarter.
Needs to call plays for the rest of you way.
Well, send Craig Strip.
Rico was wide open.
Dad gonna hit that.
Needed a touchdown there.
Cris Collinsworth mentioned sake want Barclays thighs one more time.
I'm talking about Di was good coverage.
Maddie almost killed Eli.
Oh, my God.
What were you thinking?
Way go Defense.
That's what I'm talking about.
First out, being forced down again holding again are often sucks.
And I'm not there Sat Tyrone crop from the sacks.
Do we have What a rough my table on Austin Fort down.
We're going for a week.
You respect it.
Taste of your own medicine with a joke.
Why are we throwing jump balls to call Beasley now?
You clap, Jason, Guess now you clash.
Edo is shutting o p j down that guy wide open like that Dallas man, What's going on?
Did they recovered the onside kick?
Come on, Hands, Team Geoff Swayne.
Rico would've caught.
Got a field goal.
And that's gay about.
Let's go.
First place in the division.
How about them Cowboys?
We are winning Super Bowl.
Let's go, baby, Go.
I'm a grown man.
I don't care about his size.
Hey, let me tell you, come into my eyes.
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Cowboys Fans During the Giants Game

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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