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What's up, guys Over doing what?
You're watching this on your phone.
Did you watch it on the big screen on your TV?
Even watching live sports, No cable, no problems plaguing your Amazon Fire TV and say, Alexa, open.
You two even seen your favorite on Netflix?
And who?
Luke Link in the description below.
Also leave a comment.
Which conference should I make next?
Our defense is the strength of our team that we don't make a bowl game.
Should've kept David Bien.
Les Miles is a downgrade.
Cynical Wallace was tracked.
Snyder was gonna coach for 10 more years.
Our tuition is so cheap.
I had the Waco campus do.
I would've gone there in our office.
Does something you can't.
Our team is all the time Would have one way.
Mortgage aims without Will Grier.
Larry Sanders was so overrated, this young was overrated.
I just wish we were good in another sport other than football hammered in deserved.
When the highest they should have given it to Ellen Hope Puka Williams transferred.
I'm glad Dad Brian was spending his king's bear was a better head coach in offensive coordinator.
Things buried even looked like Rangel perhaps he stepped out of bounds in his text.
We definitely should have been co champion.
Well, Greta Transfer here.
They deserved.
If Cole didn't get hurt again, Grandma in the championship game, we probably still would lost hiring.
Matt Rule is looking worse and worse every season.
Ellinger is soft quarterback with some great 80 most overrated player of all time.
I don't even know why we're playing Brock Purdy.
He doesn't give us a chance to win.
Bedlam is always so boring.
I want this.
I'm a grown man.
Matt Rule is looking worse and worse every season the sprinkler.
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Things Big 12 Fans Don't Say

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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