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Here we go, baby.
Wish only playing at the ball first.
You know, Charlene.
Show me Roughing the dumbest rule of all time.
What are you supposed todo?
Just sweet.
Okay, Tavon Austin late hit out of bounds.
Really intercept that.
You gotta come on, girls.
Smith got hurt.
Our season's over.
Always good to get rid of the ball down.
Where is throwing the ball?
Who is Doug Baldwin yelling?
Her best place has been How is he?
Wide open.
Air goes, Let's get going down.
Thank you, Beastly Touchdown!
Let's go, baby.
That's a loss of balance to it.
And down the yard.
Field goal.
Okay, down.
Why are we so confused on the thing?
Took another time out.
After the third time, they've got the hurry.
Oh, that's why we need a little time.
Check our safety doing.
Randy Gregory.
What are you doing?
Came three points.
What is Tiger doing?
Let's go, Tiger.
One week we're good and then we go back to sucking.
Play calling is so true.
Most tackle quarterback now can't even touch the quarterback.
The quarterback.
15 yard.
What has football?
Because sick and tired of our play Contact over here told the ball straight into the ground offensive.
I can't block anyone, Really given seek the ball like four times this crazy tiger than rate went for Tiger Back to the Cowboys.
Really going to start off with Paul Start.
What are you doing, Rico?
Did he fall?
Start last time, too.
And they sat that thanks to Marcus Lauren.
Got a sack?
There we go.
Seo weo going the wrong way.
Tape on all Sanders stacked deck again.
Did he fumble?
Now we want to run down three scores.
We want to run that.
I can't make this stuff up.
Throw it up to Rico.
They took We got a game.
Sounds about right.
Lend a hand.
Here we go.
Take on Austin.
Where were these places?
Why didn't we do that in the first?
How do we go for two?
Still in this?
Actually, we could still win.
You gotta go for it.
Doesn't matter.
That's called these legs and roughing the passer.
You sold that one good job back.
Are we still in this game?
You got about like that in front of our sideline?
Why didn't we tried for old time.
It's already I just every year I have hope every year.
What was that way back?
Throwing the ball off in the booth?
How do I go from watching Tiger Woods?
I do.
I'm a grown man.
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Cowboys Fans During the Seahawks Game

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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