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- It all comes down to this.
If we lose this game, I'm deactivating all my accounts.
If we lose this game, Christmas is canceled.
If we lose, at least Jason Garrett's gonna get fired.
How is Dak's shoulder doing?
Lane Johnson is out.
We gotta listen to Joe Buck
and Troy Aikman all day, great.
Dak made sure to say defer this time.
Is Sean Lee playing, Sean Lee's playing.
Eagles getting the ball to start.
A long pass to JJ Arcega Whiteside.
Not an ideal start.
Great defense, Byron Jones.
No pass interference on Ertz.
Can we stop them on third down?
Nice hit Xavier Woods.
Bet Ertz wish he didnʼt up for that one.
Robert Woods, nice tackle for a loss.
Good stop, D, are they kicking a field goal?
Iʼll take a field goal out of that.
Did we really go three and out?
Did they run into the kicker?
There were two penalties on us, wow.
Who is our special teams coordinator, fire him!
How are we letting them drive down the field so easily?
Dallas Goedert scored a touchdown.
What is our defense doing?
Do they know this game is for the NFC East Championship?
Am I about to be mad on Christmas?
Three and out again on offense, bruh.
We gotta kick-catch interference penalty?
Fire the special teams coordinator.
There was no penalty, oh okay.
Did the Cowboys defense just get a three and out, okay.
The first quarter was
the fewest yards in any quarter this year?
Gallup, what a catch, oh, 41-yard catch.
That ball was behind Gallup, we gotta have that.
What type of spot was that?
Dak got that first down on that rush.
Are we kicking it?
Kobra Kai Forbath is the truth!
I thought he missed it. Forgot he's not Brett Maher.
I don't wanna hear about the Eagles injuries,
injuries are a part of the game.
Xavier Woods intercept that, the ball was tipped.
Good tipped pass, DeMarcus Lawrence.
How do they blow the ball dead after we get it?
Witten, how do you miss that catch?
What are we doing on offense?
Can we tackle Sanders?
They really gave Jeff Heath a late hit penalty?
How is that a late hit?
Thank you for getting off the field defense, about time.
There we go Zeke, don't get away from the run game too soon.
How do you drop that pass, Cooper?
That was an easy first down.
What type of punt was that, Chris Jones?
Is Chris Jones garbage now?
Now we're just lining up offsides, Robert Quinn.
Field goal attempt, 53-yard'er, no good,
he pulled a Maher.
Let's go, we can get some points out of this.
There we go, Gallup.
Almost in field goal range.
We're playing for the field goal?
Let's go, Kai Forbath, easy.
That curve gets me every time, I think it's goin' out.
Brett Maher would've missed both field goals.
We're 0-7 seven when we trail at halftime?
About to change today.
We're a third quarter team.
Let's get it goin' offense, here we go.
We have to stop dropping catches!
C'mon, Randall Cobb.
Nice first down catch, Zeke.
We got something going this drive.
Why did we take Zeke out on third and short?
Why did we run the option?
Did Pollard fumble, no.
Pollard fumbled it and the Eagles got it.
Eagles are gonna win the challenge.
Is Zeke injured?
He just took himself out of the game.
Why would Joe Buck say that?
Great pressure, Demarcus Lawrence.
They couldn't do anything with the turnover.
Blake Jarwin, nice catch, he's the future.
Coop was wide open, Dak just missed him.
Our defense can't stop anything.
How is Greg Ward wide open?
If Jeff Heath okay?
The crowd is really booing him.
Philly has the worst fans in the league.
Of course they score on third and goal.
Sanders just walked in, just walked in for a touchdown.
Honestly, that could be game with the way we're playing.
How are we losing to the Eagles? This is disgusting!
Xavier Su'a-Filo is down, great.
Why are we passing on third and one?
That was almost intercepted by Maddox.
And we're punting again, great.
Can we stop the screens, we know they're gonna screen.
Sanders is killing us.
Jeff Heath, nice tackle for a loss on Scott.
They're going for a 55-yard field goal?
Jake Elliot missed it.
Jake Elliott is the best player on the Cowboys right now.
Is he related to Brett Maher?
We can't go three and out right here.
Are we going for the fourth and nine?
Thank you Cobb, let's go.
Another fourth down, now we're gonna kick it?
49-yard attempt.
Right down the middle.
I don't know why we didn't go for it,
we're still down eight.
Let's go defense, we can't let them score any points.
Goedert catches it on third and six, of course.
Fumble, Wentz got it back, dang.
Incomplete pass on the screen.
Fourth down baby, here we go Dak, it's your time to shine.
Tavon Austin was wide open. You gotta hit that, Dak.
Gallup! It was off his hands.
Cobb first down, two minute warning.
Dak got sacked. You can't take that sack.
That's fine we got four downs, fourth down.
This is the game right here.
Fourth and eight, Michael Gallup for a touchdown.
They broke up the pass, that's the game.
How's that not pass interference.
And we let them get a first down, wow.
I'm done! Technically, we could still make the playoffs.
I don't even wanna go to the playoffs.
I want Jason Garrett fired.
Jason Garrett is complete trash.
We don't deserve to make the playoffs.
Only good thing that's gonna come about this
is that Jason Garrett gets fired.
What a pathetic display of football.
How do we not even score a touchdown?
All I want for Christmas is a new head coach.
That heck what was Amari Cooper doing all game?
Why wasn't Amari Cooper in on fourth down?
Wait, he wasn't injured?
Dak was off all game.
All the receivers wanna drop the catches.
Zeke didn't get enough carries, again.
I'm sick and tired of this.
All this talent we got wasted by Jason Garrett:
The clapper.
I need you next week, Giants.
I'm done, no one talk to me.
Christmas is officially canceled.
We ain't never gonna win,
as long as he's the head coach.
I'm done!
(somber piano music)
I'm a grown man.
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Cowboys Fans During the Eagles Game

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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