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  • Hey everyone, it's Natasha of and today we're making

  • marinated mini bell peppers. These are so easy and they always disappear fast.

  • There's no seating, no slicing, no dicing, and they can be made ahead, so they're

  • perfect for parties. We'll start with one and a half pounds of mini bell peppers.

  • Rinse and pat dry the peppers then drizzle with half a Tbsp of olive oil

  • and toss to coat. Grill the peppers over medium-low heat about two minutes

  • per side or five to six minutes total. You want to see the brown grill marks

  • start to form and you're really just softening them at this point. You can

  • saute them on a skillet until they're golden but keep in mind they do splatter

  • a little bit more on the stovetop so use a splatter guard. Transfer those to a

  • bowl and set them aside to cool while you make your marinade. I just love the

  • sweet smoky flavor of grilled bell peppers. To make the marinade, combine one

  • cup of cold water, 1 and 1/4 cups of white vinegar, 6 Tbsp of sugar 2 Tbsp

  • of sea salt and 6 minced garlic cloves. Stir that together until

  • the sugar and salt dissolve. Now finely chop 1 small bunch of fresh parsley.

  • You can use either flat leaf parsley or the curled Italian style.

  • Now finely chop 1 bunch of fresh dill. I'm usually using equal parts of parsley

  • and dill but if you have more dill or more parsley, it'll still work great.

  • Now we're ready to put everything together. In a half gallon jar or similar

  • container add half of your fresh herbs to the bottom, then tightly pack in all

  • of your peppers. Add your marinade, top with the remaining herbs and any leftover

  • marinade. Take a moment to admire your beautiful peppers then marinate for 24

  • hours in the refrigerator before serving. I just happen to have some marinating in

  • the fridge overnight already so we're gonna go right into the taste test and I

  • cannot wait. And we love serving these with mashed potatoes. It is the best

  • flavor combination, I'm telling you. These are always a hit at parties. They

  • disappear fast so it's smart to make a double batch. I'll just tell you that

  • right now - you've been warned. Okay, here we go.

  • Mmm-hmm... Wow! These will make your taste buds dance.

  • They are so flavorful each one is delicious and putting them on the grill

  • like that adds a smoky sweetness to them that is just irresistible. I love that

  • these have this great garden feel to them. They're loaded with fresh parsley

  • and dill. These are so good, they're kind of old-school but seriously fantastic

  • and a keeper of a recipe. This recipe has been a family favorite for a long time

  • and it was inspired by a recipe by my friend Natalia

  • from So thank you so much for sharing this goodness with all of us.

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Hey everyone, it's Natasha of and today we're making

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