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this is never gonna end.
I have to go to sleep.
This cow bell is already annoying me.
Where's the remote?
I'm gonna have to watch this Amuse.
You do this to be over.
About to lose the Northwestern.
We about to lose to Southern Auburn loses.
I'm talking so much trash, just happy we scored.
Our defense looks horrible.
I remember when we used to be good at football.
Time to go.
Five really wanted that touch that practices stop.
What were we doing?
Oh, Army way.
Really Lose the middle.
Oh, Trevor!
Laurence, down.
We're gonna lose now.
We want to go on a fixed with two minutes left in the fourth quarter.
When are we gonna start time on Milton Grimes?
Deejay not a legal Mike didn't school.
I'll get a chance to watch them Nebraska game revolutionizing the game.
Brassica is tracking beyond something that the box This is just what I need.
I just want to win one game, boiler out and blanket to make that except a lot better than I thought we would.
These were getting better.
You've got to make some changes in office.
Why didn't they just run ball.
Why didn't they just run the ball?
Targeting is getting out of hand.
He must the point.
How are these cowbells legal?
Mitchell, Catch the ball.
Brian, Why did you transfer how we're already down?
20 would be stopped.
One time defense.
You have 28 points in the first quarter.
Raw pace for 100 point.
Well, Greer is the best quarterback in the nation.
Oh, my God.
Well, check that man angle.
That's assault.
Could go.
Were basketballs, defense keys Like this weekend when the Gobi Buddhist ozeki touchdown Geno got the lead.
Montanas and Chanel toward deadly combo.
I love seeing the turnover chain that we tackle somebody.
It's all about you.
Where do we start?
Too emotional for the highest more basketball running back.
Just wait.
Let's go.
We have one week.
Our special teams doesn't suck it.
Still don't know how before?
No, sorely.
The handler.
Oh, my God.
She Oh!
How many yards was that?
We gotta start.
Justin, feel we're not replacing.
From what would you pass the lead?
Bobby Petrino is my new favorite.
Had come out about wider black.
Just feel better.
Not Fromm's fall.
It's our old lines.
Fire bottom a drill.
What now?
Why would you run the way?
Beat Virginia Tech?
We lose to Virginia tax, lose the whole Dominion, lost the Old Dominion and then beat Doom and lose TCU.
Okay, everyone out.
We're gonna win this basketball season starts.
You have Kelly Brian's number.
Unnecessary roughness.
Party front with cousin lineman literally just outplayed by the light.
Can't keep turning the ball over like this.
Touchdown are passing.
Game is double pass.
Let's go.
Why don't we start?
Delta Broken Horn and Kobe.
Time to move on from Bill's night.
We had to beat the rest and Kansas State Ma Fitzgerald was tied the game up.
Going overtime down way.
I'm not talking.
No targeting.
Let's go, baby.
Great win.
Gator's dead.
I bet you know his name now.
Dan Mullen.
Your father.
He's your father.
A lateral move, please.
Was nothing until Dan got this.
Skyler can't miss field goals way.
Gotta get some pressure on the Q b asking.
Oh, that's a touchdown with a great game for Jake.
Wait to any mistakes to be watching todo doing Mitchell.
What way gonna play like this against Amber?
We should be undefeated right now.
They're not ready for the lovely Mr Dexter Williams.
Welcome back to Bryce.
Get Injured is the most complete Notre dating I've seen in my life.
He just looks so much better with tea and book.
We've begun a new chapter.
We went out.
We still haven't changed way.
I don't wanna play Notre Dame.
I don't want to do that.
Too close for comfort, but we still got that does come back time.
That's holding.
The whole didn't got tackled on the play.
How could he have been holding?
Take the holding calls you touched down.
Let's go, baby.
Let's go, Go blue.
We would've won by a lot more for the reps show.
Burrow is doing some dimes today.
Rushing yards.
Why can't we play in the East?
Are you doing special team?
You could do this.
What is all burned doing?
We're gonna be able to put Jalen in a little bit early.
Next couple of rolled interception.
Let's go.
That's game interception.
This game didn't really give me much confidence, but a win is a win war.
Eagle offense can't do anything after halftime.
That's a that's a ball down.
Let's get a stop defense down, please.
Change, Right?
I love you.
Gone for it on fourth down.
Didn't storm the field cause we beat Syracuse.
We meet at the ball every game.
Your job.
That's what we need.
We need something, Dwayne.
Still in this?
Are we losing this cane?
That was one of the worst passing affairs called a person in my life.
Are we passing on fourth and one?
We re losing this game.
Five way phone Re great team With what type of plant calling that 45.
That's gotta be the worst fourth down call I've ever seen in my life.
That's not like this.
I know the longest game of my life.
It's so early.
What Boeing and we dropped the ball with.
I'm going.
I don't Why would you run that?
Not like the five overtimes later, it was worth shovel passes alone and make starting with going.
I don't know why he would call that run.
We need Nick posted back immediately while the craziest games I've ever seen.
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College Football Fans Week 5

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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