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  • So now we've finished the introduction paragraph.

  • We're going to move on to the first supporting paragraph.

  • And we know from our outline this sentence here our outline that the first topic in our first supporting paragraph is the convenience of going to a restaurant.

  • The second supporting paragraph will be about how a restaurant is tastier than cooking at home.

  • Okay, make these standard of it better.

  • Okay, so introduction, paragraphs Fist, paragraph one.

  • So Ah, now the first thing that are supporting paragraph is our topic sentence.

  • This is followed by our example or evidence of some kind, followed by a discussion, discussion, sentence and finally a conclusion sentence, which is just a conclusion for the topic.

  • Now, the way the sentences work is the topic.

  • Sentence introduces the idea we're going to speak about, which is how restaurants are more convenient.

  • The example is unexamined of how the restaurant is more convenience than cooking at home.

  • The discussion sentence, the discussion sentence explains how the example proves the topic sentence.

  • So the discussion sentence is the link between the example and the topic sentence.

  • Finally, the conclusion The conclusion links the topic sentence to the thesis.

  • So it shows how the topic sentence proves the thesis.

  • So it keeps the entire supporting paragraph linked to the essay.

  • Okay, now we write the sentences together.

  • So talking about the convenience of going to a restaurant, eso perhaps first, a linking word could be like, firstly, Okay, firstly, of course, we need to indent eso.

  • Firstly, attending for you could be eating, uh, in a restaurant can be is much more convenient.

  • Convenience and eating and home.

  • Okay.

  • And before I started this some video, I thought of some examples that could support support.

  • Perhaps one supporting paragraph two.

  • So I was thinking that that as an example for me when I finish working Ah, long day at work, the last thing I want to do is cook a meal for myself.

  • So, um, it's just easier to go to a restaurant and eat a meal at a restaurant.

  • So I thought I'd use that as my example.

  • So, for example, when I finished a long day of work, I often, uh, do not have enough time two and prepare a meal for myself, prepare a meal for myself for his love at home.

  • Okay, Um and then maybe even further.

  • Um, further.

  • Many international restaurants lying the street where I live for their many international restaurants Landa Street where I live.

  • So I guess this is kind of like two examples, but s o the example is that I don't have enough time to prepare meals for myself at home.

  • And then also there are there are many restaurants very close to my home.

  • So for these reasons, it's just more convenient for me to eat in a restaurant than to cook at home.

  • Now, the purpose of this next sentence this is going to be the the third sentence.

  • Our discussion sentence is to link these examples to our topic.

  • So our discussion sentence would say something like this.

  • Going to a restaurant is a much more convenient option for me.

  • Okay.

  • And then finally, the last sentence, all it's doing is linking this whole paragraph to the idea of the topic.

  • So we would say something like this is there for one of the main reasons I prefer restaurants to cooking.

  • That's home.

  • Okay, So when we look at this last sentence, we're linking it directly to our thesis, which is basically that we like restaurants better than cooking at home.

  • That's what we like to do better.

  • So if we read, then supporting paragraph one together from the beginning.

  • Firstly, eating in a restaurant is much more convenient than eating at home.

  • For example, when I finish a long day of work, I often do not have time to prepare a meal for myself at home.

  • Further, many international restaurants lined the streets.

  • Where I live, that's going to a restaurant is a much more convenient option for me.

  • This is there for one of the main reasons I prefer restaurants to cooking at home.

So now we've finished the introduction paragraph.

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