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- When is this update gonna happen?
Call of Duty dropped a Battle Royale?
Oh the screen changed.
It used to say "Classified."
You don't have to build, I'm in.
Is there fall damage?
(thuds) (gun fires)
There's fall damage.
What do bounties do?
The gas mask works in the gas!
That makes sense.
(guns firing)
I'm down. I need a revive.
I need a revive!
Revive me!
Heal up, use your shield thing.
I'm never gonna get a win in this game.
(gun firing)
How does TimTheTatman already have a win?
I can't even get a kill.
(gun firing)
How'd he not die?
I hit him with a RPG.
What the heck is the Gulag?
It's like a 1v1 gunfight.
Oh they don't wanna see me.
I'm fighting someone.
Uppercut, uppercut, oh!
I can watch you in the Gulag?
I can throw rocks in the Gulag.
(guns firing)
This is kinda lit.
RIP Apex.
RIP Battlefield.
RIP Fortnite.
There's a sniper!
I saw the reflection!
I don't have enough money to buy you back.
You shouldn't have died.
I lost the gun fight.
Buy me back!
I forgot they got vehicles.
Get in.
(horn honks)
Buy me back!
You can self-revive?
I'm buying it.
They got a UAV!
Why did you leave the party?
Just stay in the party.
Do you have a mic?
Bruh, it's 2020.
Is this in Russia?
What is Plunder?
What is that noise?
They got an airstrike.
Get inside.
Plunder's trash.
Who uses ping with alt?
I kinda like Plunder.
Imma have to rebind that.
It's cross play too?
Fortnite's done.
You can get shot in the air?
Deposit your cash here.
You can buy your weapon class?
I need to put overkill on immediately.
This is way better than Ground War,
I'll give 'em that.
Can you die if you cut your parachute?
You can die.
(guns firing)
It's impossible to win one of these.
Does your health auto regen?
How do you mark again?
What the heck is this balloon for?
I might buy this Battle Pass.
Can I give you money?
Give me some money.
No give me your money.
Oh my gosh they got a helicopter!
I might suck at this game.
But I suck way more in Fortnite.
If I could just find some decent teammates!
(gentle music)
I'm a grown man.
I feel like I need to be focused right now.
Man, keep going forward.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
And then go, nope.
Oh my!
(water splashes)
Get, wo-
- You go to FSU?
- I went to FSU.
- Well you know where I went?
- If you say UF you're a (beep).
- The University of Florida.
Go Gators.
Let's go.
- [Girl] Oh my God!
- Oh God, this guy, what a loser.
- It's okay, I went there when Tebow was there
and we won a National Championship.
- Jesus Christ how old are you?
- I'm a grown man.
- Wait a minute, are you the dude on YouTube?
- Exactly.
- Bull (beep).
- Exactly.
Let's go.
(child giggles)
- Dude you're totally lying.
You don't even sound like that guy.
I mean you do a good impersonation.
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How Fans Reacted to Call of Duty: Warzone

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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