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we're going to start by talking about something that's called Project 19.
This means to me so much.
I don't know how to express it.
But to be commissioned by the New York Philharmonic is really, really wonderful.
Wonderful feeling.
I'm always surrounded with powerful women in my life.
And now look who I'm sitting in a little girl.
I dreamt of becoming a violinist one day in the New York Phil.
But even crazier would be the idea of composing for the orchestra.
If there is a relationship Mylar in an orchestra.
It is this place in this orchestra, So this is part of, Ah tour.
The Philharmonic is taking its a tour that we're gonna do right at home here in New York.
We call it hot Spots.
I'm really, really honored to be commissioned as part of this project to represent a cross section of what's happening in New York.
I love doing territorial work, so I'm really excited about that.
We are going to present a stunning double bill, Schoenberg's of Arto and Blue Beard's Castle.
I do have a dark side to my personality, so revered castle.
I love that piece.
Being in an orchestra is not a job.
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2019–20 Season Announcement Highlights Reel

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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