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There are a lot of things I'm very excited about.
I get to play the Brook Violin Concerto, which I haven't played since I was a little kid, and I'm very excited to come back and revisit that.
As a more mature artist.
I'm really looking forward to giving the premiere of the New Concerto for Four Horns by Tansy Davies and conducted by Esa Pekka Salonen.
It'll be in my solo debut with the New York Philharmonic, along with three of my horn section colleagues.
So I would say I'm 5% nervous and 95% super excited to jump into this piece November when the Vladimir Zhirinovsky does the complete deafness and Chloe Bali.
We often played the second sweet, but the complete Bala is not often performed.
One of things I'm most excited about performing is some of the movie music that we're doing.
Bernstein's West Side Story Breakfast, a Tiffany's, some of the music that I heard growing up, Mahler one and Muller for with Mumford, Hornick and Alan Gilbert dessert.
Some of the most beautiful symphonies, one of my favorite composers.
I am really looking forward to Cekovsky Festival.
I have worked with Cimabue Jakov on different repertoire, and I really admire him as a musician, as a composer and as a man with the worldly experience as well as Russian background.
Where I'm looking forward to bringing in 2017 with the bulk, um, Trombone Concerto and on the same program is Wynton Marsalis is on new commission.
And then, of course, Ellen Gilberts complete Ryan Gold at the end of this season and concluding his his tenure here at the New York Philharmonic.
And also we're doing the Divorce Jack Sixth Symphony.
And that's a great piece for your bonus so and low brass.
So I'm really excited about that.
I'm very lucky and that I am preparing a viola concerto written by a young female composer, Julia Adolf.
It's a wonderful piece so far, Um, it gives the villa a lot of opportunity to show color and texture and tons of temperament.
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New York Philharmonic Musicians’ 2016–17 Picks

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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