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COMM: Meet Freddy, the Great Dane, who at
over seven foot is believed to be Britain's biggest dog. Owner Claire Stoneman from Southend-on-sea,
acquired Freddy as a new born pup, along with sister Fleur.
COMM: The runt of the litter, Freddy wasn't
always top dog, but soon went through a growth spurt.
CLAIRE: He just started growing and growing
and growing, doing like an inch a month.
00:26 COMM: Each week the thirty eight-year-old
taxi driver spends a small fortune on Freddy's food.
00:32 COMM: But on Freddy alone a probably spend
a good eighty, ninety pounds a week on the food, he has 8 large cans of Butchers, 12lbs
of tripe a week, 12lbs of minced chicken a week, four roast chickens as well so, he eats
a lot.
COMM: And living with eighteen month of Freddy
presents many challenges. From drink from the kitchen tap, to going through 14 sofas,
Freddy and his sister Fleur have taken over the house.
COMM: And when they're out of the house, even
going for a walk can be difficult.
COMM: But despite the madness each day brings,
Claire wouldn't change it for the world.
COMM: I love spending time with them, they're
my life, they're my babies, they're my number one priority so everything I do revolves around
the dogs. I haven't got any children, they are my fur-babies so I spoil them in the way
that somebody would spoil children.
COMM: Standing on his hind legs Claire measured
Freddy as seven foot four inches. At only eighteen months old, he could become even
bigger, and surpass current Guinness world record holder Zeus, who is also seven foot
four inches.
COMM: If he became the world's biggest dog
it would be great, I mean it would be totally amazing, and obviously I'd expect to considering
how he started off his life being so small.
COMM: But while Claire is proud of Freddy's
size, she says her ultimate consideration is the dog's welfare.
CLAIRE: All I want for my dogs is that they're
healthy and they're well so as long as he's healthy that's the main thing for me.
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Britain's Biggest Dog

7432 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on February 26, 2014    林曉玉 translated
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