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I'm riding with Jackie Oliver, who won Lamont in 1969 driving a GT 40.
This is a bit of a homecoming for you, isn't it?
Driving a Mark Warren T T.
40 absolutely brilliant to be back behind the wheel of it You won in wasn't Shelby version.
It was the British.
They lovely version, wasn't it?
Explained to me the difference in philosophies between the two.
Selby was older.
They turned the engine into a seven.
Lisa from the five.
Liza J.
Told the car over.
They refine the chassis to make the car go quick around the corner for the drivers to be more comfortable driving them.
Differences between the two cause.
Tell me about the differences between the two men.
Shelby think that hell was a hard charging American.
That's the way you went racing.
Wait, you called him Doc because there was some scary about him.
I mean, I know you said to me that these cars were comfortable to drive.
How could it be that tomorrow, when you get accepted 300 miles an hour, these things were comfortable?
Well, it's an easy car to drive.
Very lie on the steering very comfortable driving position.
That was the most satisfying thing about racing a GT.
You never gave up.
Even though Henry Ford took project away from him.
What was the feeling in the camp when they got another shot?
I'm actually what that very satisfying with John.
Why on the driver's a drug for them, I'm sure.
Shelby what crisis when they got to the success.
But I think when he got back home, he was saying, Damn it.
The Brits did it.
Far from landing on the scrap heap of history, the five litre British GT 40 finally had its day winning Lamont in 68 69 rivaling it's American cousin Jackie.
I'm sat next to a lamone winner in a mark won t.
T 40.
Please tell me I can have a go.
You can have a go.
Come on, It's alive.
Alive is a tiger.
All right, what's an opportunity?
And what's a car?
I can't believe this thing is more than 50 years old.
Responsive, isn't it?
Absolute animal.
It's actually quite refined.
I want to open up a bit.
Shelby, I'm sorry, did a fantastic salt, but I mean, this stayed up with you.
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The Ford GT40 Mk1 | Extra Gear | BBC

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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