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the age of the electric Hypercar might have just arrived at the Geneva Motor Show.
He probably out of a company called Rimac, a Croatian company.
They basically produced batteries and motors, nor the electric tech.
The big manufacturers we know about like to put in their cars like jail are, but this is a showcase of what they're capable of.
There was the concept one you may have heard of it.
1000 horsepower electric Hypercar.
This is the Rimac see underscore to it is, as I said, Ah, Hypercar.
The numbers that go with it are just mind scrambling.
Never seen it with any car before.
Normally quite good with numbers, but in this case, I have to read them out.
This thing has four motors, one for each wheel at the front and two at the back, 1887 horsepower, £1696 feet of torque.
Front wheels have a single speed gearbox.
Each on the motors on then to twin speed gearbox is at the back.
That means the top speed could be cranked up to 258 miles an hour, not 61.85 seconds, not to 104.3 lots of 186 miles an hour in 11 0.8 seconds.
That's nearly two seconds faster, the spaghetti shiran to 186 miles in.
And it's not a light car.
This thing it's got a carbon fibre chassis, but it still weighs 1950 kilograms.
That's a hefty beast.
The reason it's so fast is because of those motors because of the batteries on, because it's got so many batteries stuffed in there, it could do 400 miles on a single charge.
Or so.
Rimac claim.
That's probably view.
Drive like your granny drive like this car's supposed to be driven, and it will do to lap to the Nurburgring flat out.
So there are still limitations to electric technology.
But but consider this obligation will only do 277 miles between fill ups from its 100 liter tank.
And again, that's if you're driving conservatively.
The other thing to mention about this car is how beautifully put together is.
It's not some classic hypercar vaporware from a company you never heard of.
Yes, they still went to be little known Rimac, but the quality is absolutely beautiful.
Couple of things here in the boot.
Bit of motor show fun here.
Couple of carbon fiber helmet's strapped in a far extinguisher.
Hopefully, we won't be needing that.
Now, before I show you the interior is gonna get freaky.
I'm not gonna lie.
This camera here is a facial recognition camera, and the idea is, as you approach your car, recognize your face a little bit like the iPhone X opens up the doors and gets him, but it gets worse because it's still looking at your face when you and then it knows if you're in a bad mood or know it, then Taylor card the suspension settings.
Music to your mood to try and relax, you clever.
I'm not sure what we're calm knowing me quite that well, anyway, the interior way have to say it's absolutely lovely.
Kept a really simple digital dials.
Couple of screens.
Nice big lever.
I'm Are you thinking?
Yeah, it's all well and good.
Anyone can claim to have a near 2000 horsepower electric car before will drive four motors 260 miles an hour, but it's actually really they're going to make it.
They're going to make 150 of them, I believe, costing 1.7 million euros each.
Not cheap then.
But this is just gonna blow in the bag, eh?
T shir on out the water for people that doubting whether the electric technology is there.
Sure, the infrastructure isn't quite, but my God text ready.
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Rimac C Two | Geneva Motorshow 2018 | Top Gear

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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