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So you guys in that X today I am in Paris.
Cost me.
This is Paris with Wilson.
I just made a fresh and quiet and fresh and hot.
So this is the state of Paris.
We're going to see a friend of mine with the picture, but he has great local police is What is that?
These are special sausages and they're made with onions, white wine and the past.
So far, these French drugs, if we want to keep them fresh, I think we need some instant pickers.
A bit of celery, a bit of cucumber, finely chopped, everything in a bowl along with some sugar, some salt and a bit of effort cider vinegar.
Let it rest on the side for about 10 minutes.
That's the first sat down.
Now let's go on and cook those pages.
Put a pan over medium heat and adis messages along with the globe of Buddy Boy, for example.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking his span is dirty.
Well, it's not a case where it might be the case, but the black stain in it is just because this is still an overtime of still on, gets totally black, considering the size of these bad boys is great to steam them before grilling them.
I just had a bit of water in the pan and then cover it loosely with aluminium.
First, let it cook for about 20 minutes, so why the sausages are gently cooking?
Let's focus on.
The sources are classic Doug, despite the fact that this one is a French one, so not very classic.
You have to use Mr and Kitchen, but for this one, I think we're gonna go a bit on the stuff side and maybe also on the light side.
Use about a cup of fat free.
You go for a source, makes a teaspoon of Mr With Fat, for you.
Go for the second, so just use some fat free.
You go along with some paprika and some serious ourselves for a nice dressing again, it's more handy to place the source in a plastic bottle.
Take it nice and soft.
Open it right in the centre.
Place your dog right in it.
Eso Usually it's not about size, but in this case I think we might have a situation on one side.
We play some pickle bit And on the other side, we place a means Fassel eight off Amanda, cover it with a light drizzle of sources and Sprinkle some crispy onions.
And there you have it with Prince and press hard.
Okay, so that's it.
I hope you enjoy this recipe.
Give it a thumbs up if you like.
It's so share it with your friends on your social media.
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Fresh & French Hot Dog in Paris ! Size doesn’t matter. Well… Dusting off French Food

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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