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Hello, boys.
Just saying you're probably all right.
This is what?
Yes, Absolutely dreadful.
We know you've got a bit of a history, a crushing cars.
So we thought we'd set up the Jewel Control driving test challenge for you.
There's Larnaca, Ford Fiesta, Esti.
Whoever's drivers got control of the wheel on the accelerator.
Whoever's the passenger has got the brick.
The clutch on the gear's fastest around the track wins.
What's I crush cars.
So I find Dr and Difficult.
So we're doing the thing that where job is more difficult, unusual.
That's the logical, Because you've got a bit of help attacking the stress out.
That's not help.
That's no help.
I've crashed a little car, okay?
I didn't think doing none of the crashes.
And I think you know what I felt here, Freddie Flintoff.
You think you've got problems?
I'm in with him, right?
We'll set that sound fear.
Come on, you.
I trust you implicitly with this.
Do you trust me?
Three, 21 go Asylums to kick off with.
Go, go, go, go!
Leave in second.
Leaving in a second way.
Go wanted.
Okay, let's go home.
Little working brake pedal to the floor it's stuck on.
You might be aware of the fact that we can't move now.
Show you the reason why Exhibit a no break in.
No, Like it.
Let the yellow singing that same.
Oh, break.
Are you serious now with I'm not going to be quick.
You see, when the cars work in what was not that we can do it.
You go around 52 minutes.
48 point for me That I'm on gives him break.
If you want to do it safely No, we gotta go as fast as we can.
If you want to break, let me know.
32 won't go.
Come on.
Put your foot down.
Get your coat.
Your t o wait a second.
You are so close that we were 52 minutes.
That on 49 seconds?
Yeah, tight.
Go, go, go!
Right, Right.
Wacko Jacko over the cones.
I go forward.
Good, good.
Very good.
My taking a little bit longer, able.
I think we have more style and panache.
We're gonna do a parallel park, right?
Right up.
Mystic with Rick Right back.
Forget it.
For what Yes.
Uh huh.
Might just stepped into top Gin smashed into the middle next week.
It was close, but it's all right.
We're 50 57 in two minutes.
You did it in two minutes.
Now, come on.
My confession.
But I'm very first pitch.
That's why we couldn't move.
I was screaming at me.
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Romesh Ranganathan vs Top Gear Test Track | Top Gear: Series 28

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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