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happy weekend dudes on Lila.
And today I'm gonna tell you about this project that we've been working on.
We started working on it back in January.
It's called Cooking With Kids and made it for another company.
S O.
I brought over a bunch of my friends kids and they helped me cook, and it was pretty hilarious.
I cut together a little trailer for you'll just like the parts that I thought were the funniest.
So that's up.
Next on, I'll put a link to the website where you can watch the full episodes on the description box, but anyway, want to take a look at the trailer?
I think it's pretty good.
Let me know what you think and I'll see you guys next week.
Hi, I'm Highland and I teach people how to cook.
Lately, I've been hearing a lot of complaints from some parents that their kids don't know anything about cooking in the kitchen.
So I thought, Hey, why don't I go to the mall, round up a few kids, bring him back to my place and teach you things?
Last Friday told food take and action, he said, Do you like turkey meatballs?
That's great.
Thanks for being honest.
I'm gonna tell your parents that I burned you.
Thank you, Decimal.
Do you taste it?
I'm just gonna go crack open the tall one and be back in a sec.
You're Billy.
See my You washed your hands right with P.
Do you know what an eel is?
And did type fresh with no fins.
Thank you.
Don't be shocked if you're not on a diet.
I am.
But that's another story.
Which one Should I have?
The ugliest one?
Um, I just synchronize watches.
You wear a watch?
Well, we need to get some watches after this.
It kind of really like to.
Oh, that looks better.
Tell Mom tonight.
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Cooking with Kids! | Hilah Cooking

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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