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Basically, it wins.
Just makes everything else seem.
If you've ever seen in a Mercedes AMG GT R, you'll probably think the German even faster, more aggressive version is a bit ridiculous.
But they've done it going uphill.
It'll just lie.
Hold long.
We're in new territory, people the 70 grand for hot back.
See on paper, 72 grand looks and sounds absolutely absurd.
But when you're in it, I can feel it fucking.
And I control the death, working in much the same way that a portion 11 feels like it's bucks physics, so does this thing.
Shouldn't really be doing this.
This is an A 45 s, a m jean on the powerful 1 420 horsepower in a hatchback.
Just think about opening a Ferrari Testarossa have 390 banks now have more power than Super Guard.
This is a very strange experience.
It's like a focus all right, properly salted.
I'm totally convinced by the Nazis.
Here we go, then.
Wonderful mine.
35 at night around Port Bow.
This is a lasting experience, a lot of money, a lot of God, every single penny walk.
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Chris Harris vs 2019’s Best Performance Cars | Top Gear

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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