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- You see Tom Brady might be out this game.
Time to show everyone why we're America's team.
I hate the Patriots.
We all knew Tom Brady was gonna be playing.
Here we go baby, getting the ball to start.
Look at this fog, is it raining?
Did we really go three and out to start the game?
Is Sean Lee playing?
Vander Esch is out?
Sean Lee's playing.
Stop Sony Michel running the ball.
We got Jeff Heath back, the goat.
Good stop, D!
Pass interference on Gallup, thank you.
That ball was not tipped.
Shut up, Troy Aikman.
Let's go, Zeke, good run!
Screen to Zeke, let's go!
Feed him!
Dak couldn't run for the first down?
That false start hurt us Tyron Smith.
Brett Maher from 45, of course he misses it.
Whenever we need Brett, he fails us.
Why are we letting Michel run all over us?
Brady fumbled, how did the ball bounce right back to him?
Look at those Super Bowl rings.
We need to get our sixth Super Bowl ring, stop playing.
Cobb, you have to catch that!
They really blocked our punt?
You gotta kick the ball faster, Chris Jones!
Who is our special teams coach?
Fire him!
NʼKeal Harry scored.
He bobbled that ball, review that.
Rain is coming down hard.
Jarwin fumbled, did the Patriots get it?
Jarwin recovered. (whistles)
Bad snap, Dak threw an interception.
The ball was a little behind.
This is not how you beat the Patriots.
Way to hold defense.
Nick Folk is on the Patriots?
Of course he makes it.
We should have never let him go or Dan Bailey.
How do we keep fumbling the kickoff?
Zeke, what a run!
Who'd he run over?
Pollard has some speed.
You see him turn the corner?
Is Amari Cooper hurt, why isn't he in?
Now the run game is working, here we go.
Cobb was open, Dak just missed him, definitely the rain.
That's how Wentz throws regularly.
Brett Maher, you're up.
Another 46-yard try, barely made it.
They don't call him Barely Brett Maher for nothing.
Chido make the tackle!
Meyers just got an extra 20 yards.
How is Edelman wide open?
Good defense Jourdan Lewis.
That's not pass interference on Edelman.
False start, yeah, 46-yard field goal attempt now.
Nick Folk missed it, there we go!
That's why we let him go.
We're 0-5 on third down?
Finally, we convert one.
That's roughing the passer too.
15 more yards.
Dak's trying on a glove right now?
Gallup, nice catch!
What a throw by Dak!
How do we not get a touchdown on this drive?
27-yard attempt, there we go.
How do we let Meyers get open on third and long?
That should have been a sack on Brady.
How is that not intentional grounding?
Folk, 48-yard attempt.
That's why we cut him, I remember now.
That's the Nick Folk I remember.
All right, it's halftime.
What is Gronk wearing?
Shut up, Gronk.
Who let this man on TV?
Good three and out defense.
That's how you start the half.
Can they wipe the cameras off?
I can barely see anything.
We can't get anything going on offense.
Intercept that, Chido.
They really converted on third and 20.
I forgot Michael Bennett was on the Patriots.
Third and long again.
Maliek Collins with the sack!
We gotta get Coop going.
Why can't we convert a third down?
Jeff Heath, what a hit!
That's why he's the goat!
Is his shoulder okay?
Here we go, Zeke, first down!
Michael Gallup nice catch on third down.
Finally, we convert a third down.
Coop, finally a catch.
That's the third penalty on Tyron Smith.
Now we gotta punt.
We should've faked the punt.
The gunner was wide open.
That is not pass interference on Jaylon Smith.
That screen ain't gonna work!
Let's go Michael Bennett!
42 yarder...
...Nick Folk made it, of course.
Why is it so hard to catch the kickoffs?
Our special team's coach has gotta go.
Randall Cobb, oh my gosh, go Randall Cobb, go!
He caught his own fumble. 59-yard catch.
Fake reverse. We should've actually ran the reverse.
Screen to Zeke, first down!
Jarwin in the end zone.
He was out of bounds?
Dak shoulda ran that.
Fourth down and seven, why are we sending Brett Maher in?
What are we doing?
We're playing to lose.
That is so dumb.
We still have to score a touchdown!
Why didn't we go for it?
How is Edelman always open?
Third and 10, we gotta make a stop right here.
Incomplete, they're punting!
Two minutes 30 seconds left?
It's your time Dak, drive the ball down the field,
score a touchdown, and get outta here.
Great start, nice pass to Cobb.
Come on Witten, you gotta catch that.
Nice catch, Gallup, two-minute warning.
How did we get another tripping call?
That was not tripping!
These refs are utter and complete trash!
This is the game right here, fourth and 11.
Amari Cooper, first down!
Hike the ball before they can review it.
They're reviewing it?
Amari didn't catch it, he didn't have control.
Amari Cooper didn't catch a pass?
I just don't understand,
why didn't we go for it on fourth down?
It's hard to beat the Patriots and the refs!
Why did we even pass the ball on third and one?
Jason Garrett is garbage!
We have a loser's mentality.
We got one second left?
What type of a Hail Mary attempt was that?
Refs screwed us again!
Fire Jason Garret and the special team's coach!
What's his name?
I don't even know who he is, but he needs to be fired.
If we lose on Thanksgiving...
get him out! We couldn't even score one touchdown!
This is Garrett's last season!
Down by seven and we kick a field goal.
It's hard being a Cowboy's fan sometimes.
Why would you go for a field goal?
We're down a touch...
(gentle music)
I'm a grown man.
At least the Eagles lost.
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Cowboys Fans During the Patriots Game

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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