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He's the dad who marks each day his newborn was in the neonatal unit with a tick talk dance firefighter Chris Ask you about to dance a new dance every day until his pre me son, Dylan, was released from Winnie Palmer Hospital.
Now, after 47 straight days of posting dance videos, the day has finally come.
Little Dylan is ready.
His doctor, Anthony Orsini, takes off the monitors and hands Dylan over to his parents.
Take him home.
So he's done so well and he's gonna do wonderful.
But you have to promise a visit.
He's doing great.
He's not.
Displace the attitude.
He's eating well, he's gaining weight, and he's ready to go home nice and healthy.
Look how cute little Dylan looks in his cap and gown.
He is graduating, so to speak.
Chris, who lives just outside Orlando, says dancing was therapeutic.
It's helping by having a release.
That's how I get rid of my stress.
So how did Mom Danielle feel about the videos?
Embarrassed at first, Uh, and I'm proud.
Before they said goodbye to the staff, Dad invited them.
Tow one last dance video, first showing them the moves.
So you're right in the left, then showtime.
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Dad Who Danced on TikTok for Preemie Son Brings Baby Home

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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