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I just want to thank you again.
I really wish you the best look.
It was a show of gratitude for a good Samaritan who returned a priceless possession to a veteran.
It's amazing to get something back like this one.
It's bottom and you think it's gone.
You never see it again.
Henry didn't want to be identified, but he says he's relieved.
Toe have this rare coin back.
He says it was given to him in 1981 when he needed training to become an Army Green Beret.
I got this when I went to my operational detachment 18 Henry says.
The coin and some other items were recently stolen from his car in ST Louis, Missouri, but the alleged thief didn't seem to care for the coin toss down.
Invited for a drink, Michael Freeman says what he saw the point.
He knew someone would be looking for it, so he turned it into the police.
Were down and out, you know, but all again to get more.
Freeman is currently homeless, but having family who served in the military.
He says he knew this was too important to ignore.
The police connected him with Henry so he could personally return.
The point will be back, you know.
Could be important.
An act of kindness this veteran will always remember.
I just wanna thank you and let you know how important it was for me to get that back for inside edition dot com I'm Marrow Montalbano.
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Homeless Man Finds and Returns Rare Coin Stolen from Veteran

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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