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what our boys and girls you know is I got my finger on the trigger red.
Like Wayne.
I'm going in, but I'm using a sniper.
I am using a rifle, but increases the chance of my M S C fully automatic.
I'm like a mushy the screaming in that fight.
This guy's saying a popping off diamond shots.
Let's face it, cocaine only suppressed.
Keep my weapons inside.
And this morning and they're dying 100 wise.
It's quiet.
It's simple.
I beat down the sights and then sweeties you you'll end up sees I'm like a disease.
Is he okay?
He played me.
And I'm gonna racket, not shoot your friends.
You've seen me.
We're more than just a game to me is much more so.
If you see me gummy on the other team, you better from Miami's and we're heading over or this is just a game to me.
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3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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