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My name is Rian Johnson, and I wrote and directed
'Knives Out.'
So this is a scene about 45 minutes into the movie,
where we first get to meet Chris Evans' character, Hugh
Ransom Drysdale.
He goes by Ransom.
And there's Chris Evans, a rare moment of dogs
not liking Chris Evans.
You can't really tell here, but this
is a real mansion in the middle of Massachusetts
that we shot in.
It was a gorgeous murder mystery mansion
that we just found and we shot inside and outside of it.
This is LaKeith Stanfield and Noah Segan as the two
local cops right here.
"Excuse me.
Sir, we're officers of the law."
And here comes Daniel Craig as the eccentric detective,
Benoit Blanc, and Ana de Armas as Marta.
"So what's this arrangement?"
"Mr. Drysdale."
I'm very proud right here of the staging of this,
trying to stage everybody so the dialogue scenes worked.
Like with this, we come in and first
meet the family in this room doing this wide panning
over shot to establish the geography of it.
In the close up of Chris, you see Daniel coming back there.
We get Toni's entrance.
And this is Frank Oz.
Frank Oz, who did a little cameo for us.
I'll try and go through and introduce
the cast a little bit.
You saw Toni Collette there, who plays a lifestyle guru.
This is Michael Shannon, who plays Walt, the youngest
Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Linda, the eldest sister.
And Don Johnson will be seen here
in a moment, who plays her husband.
There's Don right there.
Look at all the great sweaters.
And then hanging in the background,
that's Katherine Langford and that's Riki Lindhome.
"Jacob was in that bathroom the night of the party."
And that's Jaeden Martell, who plays the younger son.
So an example of that three-shot right there,
like this shot right here, figuring out
how to just get everybody comfortably in frame it
in a way that feels natural.
This scene was one of the most fun scenes in the whole movie
to shoot, just because all of these actors
were together in this room.
We had a couple big scenes like this,
where all of these amazing actors were together,
and they all got to play off of each other.
"You want to go?"
"You bet, Skippy, let's go."
So, yeah, everyone kind of goes at each other here.
I love this ridiculous little slap fight between the two
of them.
I mean, it's kind of silly.
But that's kind of the tone of the movie.
It's a murder mystery, but it kind of, you can tell,
has like a sense of humor to it.
"We got to do this more often."
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How ‘Knives Out’ Handles a Mansionful of Stars | Anatomy of a Scene

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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