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  • three members of the same family have lost their lives due to the Corona virus, and four others are seriously ill.

  • 73 year old Grace Fusco, a grandmother of 27 died in a New Jersey hospital just hours after her son, Carmine, and her 55 year old daughter, Rita.

  • The virus is thought to have been passed during a family gathering, and a 34 year old man with underlying health problems has died after going to Disney World.

  • Jeffrey Ghazarian from California visited Disney World and Universal Studios two weeks ago.

  • Now, U.

  • S representative Ben McAdams of Utah has tested positive for Corona Virus, the second congressman to be hit.

  • I have a temperature of about 100 3 and, uh, feels like I have a belt around my lungs, so I just can't take too deep a breath, a little bit labored, breathing and then and then just really.

  • A key Corona virus has also struck its first royal victim.

  • 62 year old Prince Albert of Monaco is tested positive just two weeks after addressing the tiny nation about the dangers of Corona virus, one of the latest victims of the Corona virus crisis.

  • The New York Hilton Hotel, the hotel, which is New York's largest with over 1800 rooms, is closing indefinitely starting tomorrow because so few people are staying here.

  • In the wake of the crisis, President Trump held his 2016 election victory party here.

  • In just a few hours, this 47 story building will be deserted.

  • A quarantine city is being set up in Los Angeles.

  • Victoria Okano is there.

  • This RV park here in Los Angeles may soon be filled with people living under quarantine.

  • There are 100 and 18 RVs here.

  • It's one of several quarantine cities that are being set up to house people who, for a variety of reasons, can't isolate in their own homes.

  • Authorities say there are working with church groups and charities to make sure that people who are housed here have food and water, with experts saying social distancing is a key weapon against the spread of the virus, these folks, online at a whole foods, are wisely staying a safe distance from each other.

  • Welcome to CBS This morning.

  • It's historic.

  • Ed Sullivan Theater, home of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, is hosting CBS this morning with own studio is shut down.

  • We promised to be good house kissed and leave the place like we found it.

three members of the same family have lost their lives due to the Corona virus, and four others are seriously ill.

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