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  • The Winter Olympics finished as they started,

  • with a celebration of what it is to be Russian.

  • But whereas the opening ceremony was Russia-self-defined,

  • the closing ceremony presented Russia through european eyes -

  • the director and the Italian screenwriter.

  • Foreigners have certainly had much to say about these Olympics.

  • For some particularly in the West

  • they were the homophobic games,

  • the terrorist games about to be blown up at any moment,

  • the profligate games costing a record demolishing $51 billion dollars.

  • They were even the dog killing games.

  • It wasn't just foreigners

  • Pussy Riot risked whippings and arrests here for a punk protest music video,

  • and Aleksei A. Navalny's website shone a spotlights on the many allegations of corruption.

  • It's often easy to forget that the Olympics are actually a sporting competition,

  • particularly when they come with as much political baggage as the Sochi games.

  • And on the sporting front says the host nation

  • you are on top of the world.

  • Despite the disappointments of Russia's men's hockey team

  • and young Yulia Lipnitskaya,

  • Russian athletes finished the competition in first place on the medals table.

  • So, President Vladimir Putin is proud,

  • and, in the main, Russians're proud, too.

  • There's nothing like victory to boost the national mood.

  • Putin actually made no know, no attempt to to hide it.

  • He said that this is...the Olympics is devoted to the resurgence of the Russian nation.

  • For him it was a extremely important to do this

  • sort of national building effort through sports.

  • Global events can always spoil a big party, though.

  • Ukraine's ongoing crisis has overshadowed these games to a certain extent.

  • And once the circus leaves town, it's the people who live in this region

  • will be best placed to answer the question

  • Was it all worth it

The Winter Olympics finished as they started,

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Sochi Olympics wrap up peacefully 2014索契冬季奧運圓滿落幕

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    Solomon Wolf posted on 2014/02/25
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