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it's tapping even with the gym's shuttered push and breathe fitness trainer Jamie Benedict isn't about to let the Corona virus way.
Her clients down.
Have no fear.
Your workout is here and Corona.
She's moved her classes from the gym to her driveway.
Fresh air is perfect for this, making sure they give each other plenty of social distancing space.
Nice and strong guy six feet apart.
She and 11 other long Islanders.
I love it star by pounding the pavement for a quick power walk.
Warm up, Drop lift.
Three up.
Then it's back to her driveway.
You're almost there.
You have 11 and your last one is 12.
Some intense strength conditioning.
Nothing is gonna stop us from keeping our bodies healthy and strong.
But the name of the game is to stay six feet apart.
Yes, like many of us, Jenna Honore is worried she's gonna gain weight by staying inside.
I feel like I am anxiety eating out of order.
But thanks to Jamie's driveway aerobics feather than not doing anything, they all say this new routine is a breath of fresh air.
Is good place to go burn off stress.
This is awesome.
A way to keep our mind and body help you through this horrible time.
Theo, On the best part, she is charging a dime.
It gets him through the day because we don't know where the day is gonna take us.
And if we can keep normalcy in our routine and have our exercise, we'll just be so much more stronger mentally and physically.
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Fitness Instructor Keeps Class Going From Her Driveway

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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