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  • Before the crisis, women didn't think twice about going out and testing the samples at the makeup counter.

  • But has that stopped?

  • Now that everyone is so nervous about germs?

  • You may be surprised what we found when we visited some stores this week in the wake of Corona virus.

  • We sent Inside Edition producer Sarah Chata to makeup stores all across New York.

  • And what she found is disturbing.

  • Took a bite out of it, watches this woman, picks up one of Kylie Jenner's lipsticks, rubs it all over the back of her hand, closes it up and puts it right back on the shelf for others to use.

  • And it wasn't just a this store looks like people have been sticking their fingers despite an international pandemic.

  • The entire top of this lipstick way found used in dirty makeup testers at some of the nation's largest retailers so writes for New York City on We just saw a woman take this was put it all over her lips, put it right back here.

  • It's been 10 minutes, and nobody is comfort.

  • Watch as one employee carrying a dirty broom and wearing latex gloves uses not one but two different makeup samples before putting them right back on display at Ulta Beauty on New York's Upper East Side, we watched as thes women shoved their fingers into five different makeup samples.

  • At Bloomingdale's and SoHo, we found lots of dirty lipstick.

  • You can see the little black funds right on the top.

  • There's a used eyelash curler.

  • You can see the little bits of mascara.

  • Doctor Elizabeth Brooks, professor of microbiology at Rowan University.

  • I was shocked by what we found.

  • Is any of the women sampling that makeup had herpes or even the Corona virus or a simple cold virus?

  • All of that can and will be transferred to the next person who applies that to a port of entry.

  • But it wasn't all bad news.

  • Bloomingdale's flagship store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, We watched as employees disinfected countertops and changed out samples At New York, super swanky Bergdorf Goodman employees were taking it one step further.

  • All of the testers have been taken down, bagging up, throwing out tens of thousands of dollars in inventory.

  • All the stores in our report tell us the health and safety of their customers and employees is their top priority since the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Both Alta and Bloomingdale's say they have increased sanitation measures at their locations, but all those stores have now announced there temporarily closing due to the crisis.

Before the crisis, women didn't think twice about going out and testing the samples at the makeup counter.

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