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  • So you are sick with Corona virus and in self quarantine at home, There are things you should do to further minimize the risks, says Dr Eric Choi Penna.

  • First pick a room is your home base.

  • The patient is going to be spending quite a bit of time in there.

  • It's gonna be your spot on only your spot, where you're gonna stay like a bedroom, like a bedroom.

  • And really no other members of the household are gonna enter that bedroom.

  • That bedroom's gonna be yours for the duration of your self isolation B two weeks.

  • Yeah, it could be up to two weeks, maybe even longer.

  • If if if your symptoms last longer, if the patient leaves to go to the bathroom, he or she should wear a face mask if possible.

  • At the moment you step out of the room, we're putting a surgical mask on.

  • How you do that is you take both ends.

  • You make sure you're pinching around the nose to create a tight seal and putting it behind your ears.

  • You pull the bottom part all the way below your chin.

  • You want to make sure that it covers your nose completely.

  • in coverage your mouth completely in order to catch any viral particles that you may have if you cough or sneeze, the bathroom is a potential hot spot for germs.

  • Here's how to deal with it.

  • You want to wipe down all the surfaces that you're likely to touch, so wiping down the door handles on both sides of the doors of the inside and the outside, wiping down the surface of the sink and especially the handle of the sink, where you're gonna be turning the water and faucet on and off, and then this.

  • The handle on the toilet are all important areas where you're gonna be touching those.

  • You could be contaminating those surfaces.

  • And here's a tip.

  • If you use an aerosol to disinfect your house, service is like this.

  • I actually prefer to just spray them and let the chemical just kind of sit on the surface on and because it maximizes the contact time that the chemical has to kill the virus and activate the virus in the laundry room.

  • Affected person should load their clothes themselves, but you can wash everyone's laundry together.

  • This is actually pretty low risk area, other than the transport of the dirty clothing to the laundry, washing clothes together, drying them together.

  • There really is no risk.

  • I mean, the water's gonna wash away any viral particles, the soaps gonna destroy it.

  • Like I said, it's an easy virus to kill.

  • So this is a pretty low risk area.

  • Just be mindful of the surfaces in the knobs.

  • And there's a protocol to follow.

  • If you're having food delivered, I'm having deliveries right to the door.

  • Having someone just leave it right outside the door is probably the safest way to have food delivered on.

  • And you could just make a little know when the delivery service kind of please leave food adore.

So you are sick with Corona virus and in self quarantine at home, There are things you should do to further minimize the risks, says Dr Eric Choi Penna.

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Dos and Don’ts For Keeping Safe While Stuck Inside

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