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(water splashing) 2
34 year old Victoria Murden 3
of Louisville, Kentucky embodies an all-American 4
spirit of adventure, but with her video camera rolling, 5
her quest to push the limits 6
of her own endurance nearly killed her. 7
I've been thirsty and I've been hungry 8
and God knows I'm scared. 9
Normally, Tori is accustomed 10
to racing on calmer waters. 11
But in October 1997, she was approached by Sector, 12
an Italian company known for 13
its extreme, no-limits competition. 14
(air horn blares) 15
The challenge, to be the first woman 16
to row solo across an ocean. 17
The proposition was intimidating, 18
to row the North Atlantic going west to east 19
is no cake walk. 20
(air horn blares) 21
On June 14th, Tori Murden took 22
the first strokes in a 3,600 mile odyssey 23
from North Carolina to France 24
aboard a 23-foot boat she named "The American Pearl". 25
I knew that, okay, in the next three months, 26
it's just me in this boat on this wide, wide piece of water. 27
That is my dessert for the evening. 28
Tori packed 120 freeze-dried meals 29
and a solar-powered desalinator provided fresh water. 30
At the end of 58 days, Tori had rowed 31
more than halfway across the Atlantic. 32
But of all the obstacles she faced, 33
none proved more menacing than the fury of the sea. 34
(crashing) 35
And I'd been through some pretty heavy storms 36
and capsized three times. 37
You'll have to take my word for it, these waves 38
are just a little too big. 39
When Tori did capsize, "The American Pearl" 40
was designed to right itself and though terrified, 41
her water-proof cabin kept her safe. 42
A big wave would come over the top 43
and it would spin the boat. 44
And I'd be upside down for a couple of seconds 45
and the boat would rock and then it would 46
eventually roll back upright. 47
I'm outside and I'm alive! 48
For inspiration, Tori kept 49
a piece of home close by. 50
That little flag on that boat took such a beating 51
and it was so comforting to look out on deck 52
in the morning and see that flag still there. 53
But the weather steadily worsened 54
and while we breathed a sign of relief 55
as Hurricane Danielle passed by the East Coast, 56
on September 5th, Tori was brutally engulfed by the storm. 57
6:30 a.m., I'm definitely in something 58
big and bad and ugly. 59
30-foot waves slammed into Tori's boat, 60
tossing her like a ragdoll. 61
(squeaking) 62
Smash into the boat and there would be this chaos 63
that would ensue of the boat turning 64
and things flying around the cabin. 65
(crashing) 66
Last capsize, I took the rib off the top 67
of my ceiling with my back. 68
I was absolutely sure that i was not going 69
to live through the storm. 70
I was absolutely convinced that my life was over. 71
I mean I'm gonna live or I'm gonna die 72
on the whim of nature. 73
And that's it, huh? 74
Frightened, Tori uttered 75
what she thought may have been her last words. 76
Go ahead and chase your dreams. 77
I mean they don't always work out right 78
but go ahead and chase your dreams. 79
You gotta do it. 80
Though fear was evident in her eyes 81
and in her voice, Tori resisted 82
activating her distress beacon. 83
And I thought, I can't ask another human being 84
to come out into this storm and get me. 85
I've lost track of the number of capsizes. 86
But after 11 capsizes in 12 hours, 87
and a severe shoulder injury, Tori signaled for help. 88
I was so badly beaten that, you know, 89
I didn't think I could make it through another storm. 90
The container ship, "Independent Spirit", 91
en route to Philadelphia, came to her rescue 92
and plucked her from the churning seas, 93
some 900 miles from France. 94
I was fighting back tears 'cause I thought 95
this is the wrong shore and this is the wrong boat. 96
But the folks in Philadelphia 97
gave Tori a hero's welcome. 98
And I was dumbfounded because in my mind 99
I had failed to do what I set out to do 100
but we all face oceans. 101
We all run into those big waves. 102
We all hit storms and it doesn't seem 103
like you're gonna make it through. 104
You will. 105
(water splashing)
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How This Woman Became the First to Row Across the Atlantic

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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