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(monsters screaming)
- [Reggie] The moment I first laid eyes on the monster,
I wasn't scared.
I didn't scream the way I knew most people would
at the sight of the towering beast,
with it's horned head, its evil red eye,
its bloody saw for an arm.
No, when I saw Colossus for the first time,
I'm telling you, I was hyped.
Excited as hell, I grinned,
knowing that I just discovered the monster
that would make all other competitors tremble.
That would prove I was the best brawl wrangler
in the business.
That would make Myka's pathetic troop of monsters
look like a bunch of puppy dogs in comparison.
Colossus hadn't been easy to capture.
We had to electrify him with cattle prods and tasers
hooked up to a 240 watt generator.
And that was just to get the big creep down to his knees.
Only then, after he'd already slaughtered three of us,
was I able to get the shock collar around his neck.
Now, I stared at him, heaving and roaring with anger.
Standing in the middle of the fighting ring,
and I couldn't wait to see how he was going to perform.
Monster Brawl was tomorrow.
An organized fight between real monsters,
where audiences could bet on the monster of their choice.
Today was just a warm up,
but what a warm up it was going to be.
Colossus tried to rip apart the fence again,
and it electrocuted him. (electricity sizzles)
Making the bad man shake
like a kid with a fork in the socket.
I would've thought I'd've learned his lesson by now.
That's the thing about monsters,
they might be tough but some are dumb as rocks.
"You'll get good, Reggie."
I turned to see Mars, the boss' new assistant beside me.
A pretentious twit, if you were asking me.
"Boss is gonna love this.
"A premium fighter like Colossus,
"that's gonna translate to a lot of tickets, man.
"Cold, hard cash."
"You don't need to tell me," I said,
unable to keep the smug satisfaction out of my voice.
"I've been doing this a lot longer than you."
Mars nodded, "Fair enough.
"Just remember, Myka is the jealous sort.
"She gets wind of this,
"she's bound to come knocking."
Myka was the leader
of the biggest fight night in the Midwest.
A creepy, little, old woman with a nasty set of nails,
that looked scarier than half the monsters
she employed to entertain the masses.
She was our biggest competitor,
and the boss didn't like her.
None of us did.
Only this kid, Mars,
seemed to have some sort of strange fascination with her,
almost like he admired her.
I stepped into his face.
"She won't get near him.
"That monster belongs to us, got it?"
Mars held up his hands in surrender and sauntered off.
I shook my head, annoyed,
then nodded to the guys by the cages.
"Bring in the ugly one," I shouted.
"Let's introduce the fighters to each other."
"You sure, Reggie?" one of the guys asked.
"Boss said to keep the other one in its cage
"until showtime tomorrow.
"Said he was too dangerous for a warm up."
"Don't make me repeat myself," I said, gritting my teeth.
I wasn't gonna wait for tomorrow.
I want to see how strong Colossus really was.
If anyone was a match for my monster
it would be the one they found in the hole,
the one they called.
"Brute," the men shouted,
throwing it into the middle of the ring,
temporarily disabled by the shock collar around its neck.
It was a massive, fleshy creature,
with a head shaped like a football,
and a protruding set of fangs that looked more alien
than monster.
So ugly, he made Colossus look downright cuddly
in comparison.
"Let's see what you two are made of," I shouted,
adrenaline coursing through me.
There was nothing as good as watching two monsters fight,
nothing as pure as the collision of flesh and blood,
the sound of cracking bones,
gnashing teeth,
blood spurting, these were music to my ears,
and right now I was expecting an orchestra.
Colossus fixed its red eye upon the Brute,
and roared through its metal mask, rearing its horn,
like a rhino about to strike.
The Brute got up from his knees, growling with a wet,
guttural noise that gave you goosebumps just hearing it.
Although the Brute was shorter than Colossus
by a decent foot,
he more than made up for it with speed.
He didn't have the armor Colossus did,
he was pure, rotten flesh.
The two monsters stood there, frozen,
facing each other like two cowboys in a spaghetti western.
"Who's gonna draw first? I wondered with a dark smile.
"My money's on Colossus," I shouted.
I knew we weren't suppose to bet until Monster Brawl,
but how could I resist?
I had caught the monster,
surely I should be able to make a profit off of him.
And then it happened,
Colossus charged at the Brute,
swinging his massive, mechanical saw at the creature
with the force of a cargo trailer
barrelling down the highway.
I was sure he was going to make contact.
Nothing could dodge an attack that powerful.
But the Brute swerved out of the way just in time,
leaping onto Colossus' back,
and ripping his ugly fangs into the monster's neck.
If it hadn't been for the shock collar
he probably would've torn a hole clear through him.
A second later,
Colossus grabbed the Brute with his clawed hand
and swung him over his head,
slamming him into the ring floor like a pro wrestler.
He lifted his foot to crush the ugly beast.
My hands clenched into excited fists, he was gonna do it.
He was going to destroy the Brute.
Again, the ugly monster was too fast for him.
Spinning out of the way,
slashing at Colossus' exposed knee,
making his leg buckle, blood spurt.
Blood was drenching the floor.
Clearly the Brute had hit an artery.
And now the Brute was seizing its chance.
Leaping on top of him once again,
biting the exposed skin of Colossus' shoulder,
ripping off a whole chunk of flesh.
"Dammit!" I shouted, frustrated.
"Where's the remote?
"Get him off!"
I saw Mars in the control booth, watching.
Then he nodded, electrocuting the Brute,
forcing him to fall off at once.
"Let's try that again," I said, hiding my disappointment.
I knew the Brute was fast,
but all it would take was one hit from Colossus
to put the monster in its place.
"Come on," I growled at Colossus as he slowly turned around
and picked up the Brute with his clawed hand.
"Hit him!"
To my delight, Colossus did as he was told,
jamming the saw through Brute's stomach,
making blood spew all over the slippery floor of the ring.
One of the guys blanched.
"Reggie, how we gonna patch him up before tomorrow?
"It's enough when I say it's enough," I shouted,
blood lust taking over now.
I didn't care if the Brute had been disgraced.
The thing healed inhumanely fast
and I watched as it backed away up against the fence,
as Colossus stalked closer and closer.
My hands were clenched into shaking fists.
The tension in the air was thick.
Unbearable. (monsters growling)
I was about to see my prize, my Colossus,
defeat the most powerful monster we'd ever found before.
He lifted his bloody saw,
roared once more.
"Run it down!"
But the dummy swung too close to the fence again.
It shocked him, frying him to a crisp.
The Brute seized his chance,
ripping at Colossus' torso,
taking chunks of flesh clean off.
(metal clanging) (blood spurting)
"Mars," I shouted, "hit the juice again!"
But when I turned to look
at the window of the control booth,
Mars wasn't there.
That's when the lights went out.
The power died,
and all was quiet.
"Reggie," one of the guys shouted, terrified.
"What happened?
A moment later I heard the unmistakable sound
of a head being ripped right off its shoulders,
which meant. (electricity sizzles)
The backup generator kicked in and I stared
aghast at a massive hole in the fence.
Both of the monsters were out.
They were slaughtering all of the brawl wranglers
one by one. (metal whooshing)
Turning our arena into a bloodbath.
I had to get to the remote as fast as I could
to activate their shock collars.
I ran toward the control booth,
but as I entered the door swung open on the other side
and Mars stood there holding it,
"Looking for this?
"You may wanna look behind you instead."
My eyes widened as I heard the sound of its heavy,
inhuman breathing through the metal mask,
smelled the hot stink of the creature I had captured,
felt it looming over me, impossibly tall.
Colossus was right behind me.
I slowly turned around to face him
and that's when I felt it,
jagged, piercing sensations as it rammed its blade
right into my stomach. (blood spurts)
The saw activated, (saw whirs)
splitting me even further,
tearing my intestines out like a tangle of electrical wires.
Its red eye bored down on me as I shook.
(saw whirring drowns out speech)
Blood pouring from my mouth.
It raised its clawed fist to cave in my skull.
This was the end.
"Enough," a high pitched croak resounded.
And then,
Colossus' shock collar activated and it dropped me.
Lurching backward, under control once again.
"We have what we came for," the old woman's voice said.
"Colossus will make for a wonderful addition
"to Fight Night.
"You did well, Mars."
"But what about the Brute?" he asked.
"Forget the Brute, we'll get it later."
I turned on my side,
faintly noticing that my entire stomach
had a hole clear through it.
I turned to look at the source of the voices.
It was her, Myka, the leader of Fight Night,
the largest monster fighting competition.
She had come to steal my monster.
She had come to destroy Monster Brawl.
Mars was her lackey all along.
I spat out blood, laughing, delirious.
"You think you can control them without me?"
I asked, feeling my life drain from me.
"He'll kill you all.
"I'm willing to bet on it."
Myka tsked, looking bored.
"But you already placed your bet, didn't you, Reggie?"
She nodded to Mars, the traitorous scum.
"Go ahead, let Colossus have one more kill, just for fun."
Mars smiled, turning dow the knob on the electricity.
I turned to look at Colossus, regaining his strength,
slowly standing to his full height.
He took a lumbering step toward me.
Then another, slowly drawing out my death.
"Come on," I shouted.
"Is that the best you've got?"
But he stopped and nodded to the shadows,
as if he was orchestrating something.
Who was in the shadows?
But then I saw them,
all the monsters I ever caught emerging from the dark.
They all had new electric collars around their necks.
A new master in Myka.
And they were coming for me.
Colossus stood still as a statue
and watched as they swiped and tore,
each ripping off a piece,
blood gushing from every laceration.
Three of my fingers, a leg.
I watched them feast upon my body parts.
Fighting each other for the scraps.
I tried to fight them off but I was too weak now,
and losing too much blood.
They were the real fighters, not me.
They were the ones used to being thrown into a ring.
They were doing exactly what I had taught them.
But only one monster was going to end me,
to claim my heart for himself, Colossus.
I expected him to be fast about it.
But instead of swinging his saw, crushing my head,
the monster slowly, methodically pressed its massive,
scaling foot down upon my chest.
The air left my lungs as I felt my ribcage split inward.
My lungs punctured.
My heart was going to be next.
But as I looked into the monster's red, unblinking eye,
I realized,
he was enjoying this, savoring it,
more intelligent than I've ever understood.
He was just like me,
the sound and sight of carnage was his greatest joy.
As the monster's foot pressed harder,
flattening me like a human pancake,
and all lights began to blink out around me,
I saw my former monsters all watching me,
their eyes gleaming,
enjoying my annihilation.
I heard Myka cackling with joy.
She had won her prize tonight.
But I had won too.
Colossus had proven just how monstrous he really was.
(dramatic music)
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FIGHT NIGHT | "Brute vs Colossus" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

22 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 25, 2020
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