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today I'm at men tied you famous restaurant that specializes in cooking with men.
Taeko, a spicy fish roe that's basically the egg sac of a fish.
And I think it's really interesting because men die is not something that we normally eat way.
Don't normally eat fish eggs at all, let alone the entire sack of fish eggs.
So the fact that this whole restaurant right here is dedicated to cooking on Lee with fish eggs this point fascinating.
Andi, I would like to go inside and have some food.
And let's see what kind of interesting dishes we can try is the restaurant.
And I just got the menu recorded.
This guy didn't talk cannellini home joke use.
And I know you mean I commissioned men die.
They don't let him all city been conjured.
A doctor, his name.
Maybe I could find out in this name.
So look at all this amazing food that has just been put before me.
This is the skim in and tie game.
In a minute.
I just set Skin Man is a type of noodle dish in Japan that involves taking the noodles and dipping them directly into the soup before eating them dropped everything.
I think the soup is.
It's like I got a thick consistency and you can see it's really coding noodles.
I don't know Men Taiko.
No, Magimel got in the way.
She is.
I need this for lunch Every day.
This man tie is wrapped in kelp and then talked with a special sauce that helps blend the taste of the fish with the taste of the rice.
Uh, how did it go?
Hide a tradition you can definitely.
This one is definitely more, and it's a little more spicy, too.
But the combo that it's wrapped in makes it like a really chewy consistency.
It's really, really good, and it just mixes some well with.
Write with white rice.
While I was there, I wanted to try as many different types of men Tyco as I could, so I ordered a three piece set as well.
Budiman Taeko is pretty means like cooked or like seared.
It's been lately seared on the top, so the outside is cooked, and then the inside is raw, and this one is also wrapped in campus.
You can see it's just it's cooked on the outside and still raw and delicious on the inside.
It feels like it has a skin on it, which could also be the help.
But it feels more like it has a harder consistency when you bite down on it breaking through the cook player and then you're eating all of fish eggs inside, putting out my man Taiko.
No tampering.
Don't even you So this kind of temporal You definitely do not see this in restaurants in Canada.
You do not see them Tig old, you see like yeah or shrimp or like eggplant It Tim gives it like a battered taste that tastes like something you eat like a carnival in Canada like you get it at, like affair with next to the doughnuts or something.
This is more like something you he doesn't snap, contain a beating.
Old mommy.
Let's try.
Oh, it's so soft.
It's so soft and delicate and squishy.
So when it's cooked on the outside, it definitely holds its shape.
But with the original men.
Taeko, Once it's in your mouth, it's just like squishy just goes all over the life of me.
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明太子料理専門店「めんたい重」Mentai/Fish Egg Restaurant "Mentai-jyu".

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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