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  • A Hong Kong billionaire has doubled a reward for anyone who can somehow make his lesbian

  • daughter straightnow offering a staggering $120 million.

  • CECIL CHAO: "My dream is for her to get married, have a normal family life. ... If gay is her

  • tendency, I wouldn't force her to change anything." (Via ABC)

  • That was Cecil Chao in an ABC report on his story from a few years ago, when he offered

  • just about $60 million to the man who could make his daughter, Gigi, fall in love with

  • him.

  • Chao is a real estate tycoon, and he's actually never married. In fact, he says he's slept

  • with more than 10,000 women but wants a married life for Gigi. She tells a more harsh story.

  • (Via CNN)

  • GIGI: "He just goes, 'No, what you're doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.'"

  • Their relationship is a little confusing. Cecil and Gigi are actually quite close. They

  • talk every day. She even said years ago she was moved by his money offer because it shows

  • he cares about her. But they disagree on this fundamental part of her life.

  • Gigi currently works for her father, too, and Cecil says he wants his daughter to inherit

  • his business. But she says if he takes that inheritance away, she's OK with it. (Via YouTube

  • / GIGI CHAO)

  • Time reports more than 20,000 offers have come in over the last few yearsmen trying

  • to win Gigi over.

  • Gigi is married to another woman and is a gay rights activist. Cecil says he hopes one

  • day his daughter will feel differently and will love a man.

  • And now, the doubling of the offer has Gigi upset. She told the South China Morning Post

  • she is "distraught" over the latest news but says she and her father still agree to disagree.

A Hong Kong billionaire has doubled a reward for anyone who can somehow make his lesbian

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