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Hi, guys.
How's it going?
My name is Michaela, and I'm currently making a video program that has hosted on Nestle Japan's website.
If you're interested in watching the episodes as they happen, check the link below and go to the website.
This video will be reviewing what happened this week.
This week we were in Shizuoka, Japan.
To learn about what?
We're here at a monkey going here, and she's a local prefecture just outside of Tokyo.
It's called meeting Nike, and it's like a little place for people to stop and buy stuff.
They have tons of wasabi related products, and we're gonna go check it out.
It's gonna be really fun.
Here we have wasabi flavored sundae, wasabi flavored soba noodles, and here we have a hobby flavored cameraman.
When you hear what savvy ice cream you think like, Yeah, sure, maybe it's with soft flavored ice cream because it wouldn't make sense that they would just stick a bunch of wasabi on sweeping the lifestream.
But that's where you would be wrong.
I saw the ice cream.
What's up?
After eating our ice cream, you were taken into the basement to learn how to make a savage took it and stop.
Being gay is kind of like pickled wasabi.
Interesting thing about with Salvy, it's OK is that it tastes different, depending on who prepares it.
Finally, on our way back to Tokyo, we stopped for some seafood on We saw an interesting poster.
You may know the kanji for Sakina is this.
But did you know that conjure for each fish changes depending on its specific characteristics?
To be honest, I could only name, like three of these you got.
Finally, we had our first meal of the day.
I chose a raw tuna rice full and it was delicious.
My friends don't soothe.
Specific restaurant is famous for its tuna tail stoop.
She's okay.
Prefecture is beautiful.
Tons of green, lots of nature.
And the Sasabe?
It does taste completely different from the stuff you buy tubes or in packets.
Next week, we're gonna be in the very popular radio Cohen in Tokyo.
So be sure to check it out.
There are two new episodes every week on the Nestle website, followed by my review.
So you're interested in the program?
Check it out.
If you're not, that's fine.
I'll make a new video on Monday.
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[いつも仲間と!] #4 わさびソフト!? [Always with Friends!] #4 WASABI ICE CREAM!

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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