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  • sometimes to get an idea of the country's coat to the best place to start is the place you find in every girl.

  • Did you have a burger?

  • Even if the baby came, Gift wrapped like a night in the jury looked like this.

  • This and this came with a manual and with a premium bag on your very own V I.

  • P seating in store, even if it does look like that.

  • And even if the burger was so exclusive and so limited that you'd have to plan a bank heist smile trip to McDonald's might.

  • Before you know the transfer, I used to sit dramatically in front of my mirror, holding 1000 yen and asking myself that very same rhetorical questions until just several weeks ago, McDonald's went ahead and released the jewelry, said a set that burgers so ridiculous.

  • It's over the top that it's straddled the fine line between being pretty amazing, just simply taking a piss.

  • But then again, McDonald's already doing that.

  • Take a look at this after the dance crew, in which several customers decide to dance around a McDonald's with complete disregard for health and safety.

  • Wait jewelry.

  • Biggers are three unique burgers, each costing 1000.

  • Yet just for the burger, like just no French fries, No drink.

  • They were the single most expensive item anyway.

  • That's not to say the birds themselves weren't that good.

  • Take a look at the gold ring.

  • Pineapple bacon, Monterey Jack cheese barbecue Source.

  • Black diamond with black truffle Source.

  • Emmental cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms on the last one.

  • The Ruby Spark Teresa have a card in pepper jack cheese.

  • But what was so intriguing about burgers was less about the burgers themselves, which would rather impressive.

  • But just about the share our bridal exclusivity off each burger on the rapping over burgers themselves, each item came different, like a nice majority.

  • Hence the name jewellery set and came in the salt thick plastic bags you'd expect from an Apple store.

  • A lot of that 1000 yen is actually on the wrapping, and not so much a burger.

  • The actual bag the burger came in is estimated to have cost 100.

  • Yeah, that's 100.

  • Then you're gonna throw out a bag from McDonald's, and that's not exactly a collector's item.

  • So even if you took the big decision to go by one of the special jewelry burgers units.

  • Problem would actually be getting hold of one because they're only sold one day of the week in a very limited time span.

  • Indeed.

  • The first time I was gonna get one that sold out one day, but least McDonalds puts effort into his promotion.

  • Wait, Come on.

  • He's now the unboxing.

  • The murder.

  • So?

  • So it comes with a pretty little ribbon.

  • Now, first idiots wait like a bird.

  • You're better rhythm in the street way.

  • Have a burger, your wings and your dad.

  • I don't know what it is, but it looks like a burger.

  • Yeah, No.

  • What?

  • Would you give it out?

  • No, 1000.

sometimes to get an idea of the country's coat to the best place to start is the place you find in every girl.

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