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Hi, I'm Makayla.
I'm Canadian, but I live in Japan.
I'm a video blogger.
I usually make YouTube videos about my daily life here, but this time I'm on a new mission to go back to my country, Canada, and introduce it to both Japan and the world.
For two weeks, I'll be traveling across Canada by train, enjoying tons of new experiences, eating delicious local foods and making new friends.
And I'll be reporting all of my adventures back to you.
Sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and via rail, thin is made in Canada way.
Finally, we have arrived at our final destination.
Theron Oh, Toronto is among the largest cities in North America and the largest city in Canada.
It is a dynamic and multicultural city, which also boast itself as the entertainment capital of the country.
Wait might not have access to the ocean like Vancouver does.
Toronto has the next best thing.
We're going on a harbor tour from now on the waterfront, and it's so hot today it's like 30 degrees and we're sweating and I'm wearing this dress.
I did wear it.
I told you I would, and I did this.
Sophie Lake Ontario, a lakefront accessible in minutes from the downtown core live in a big city like Toronto.
You need to be in a big city state of mind, just like in the major cities like New York.
Tokyo people are busy, and the streets are always bustling with activity.
This is the menu.
We have a bubble thio shoes.
I met up with my good friend Andrew, and he showed me around the city way visited Kensington Market, a place that reminds me a lot of Turkish daughter wear these in Japan Way.
Even the building's found in residential areas of Toronto.
Given Eastern Vibe with their brick foundation.
One thing I never failed to do in Canada who eat at Earl's, their chocolate sticky toffee pudding is to die for.
Oh my God, I am really excited because it's all that I wanted to keep sticky toffee pudding, and I wanted to eat this like the whole trip.
And now it's my last day in Toronto and we're gonna share it.
There's like chocolate cake, lavender lemonade.
For two weeks, we traveled across Canada and ending the trip in Toronto felt just right.
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[字幕付き] Made in Canada: Last Stop, Toronto ! 目的地到着!素敵なトロント!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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