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  • you hear me?

  • All right.

  • I'm not a station train.

  • Really loud.

  • Well, actually, it's a regular vending machines free Japan.

  • But I have a really introduce Stephanie's vending machine yet, so I thought I would do it today, so All right.

  • So one awesome thing about you can pay with money, you can use coins.

  • You can also use bills.

  • But the really sweet thing is, you don't happen to have any extra money.

  • You can use your train card.

  • So I've got my train card.

  • In my case here, I'm gonna choose the drink I want.

  • Um, let's go with pears.

  • Cute man.

  • I just take my cool in the summer.

  • All the drinks are cold, but in the winter parts of the machine So not everything.

  • The 70 hot chocolate.

  • Everything will be warm.

  • And it's so nice in the winter when you can find a vending machine.

  • They're everywhere and they're open 24 hours.

  • Obvious place.

  • You could warm myself up with a nice drink on.

  • Yeah, selection is always amazing in Canada.

  • Really?

  • All you find would be water.

  • Who you.

  • But Japan is really often really anything.

  • You check out this vending machine and AKI have rest station.

  • First of all, it's not spot the scythe like it's all digital is just a big TV screen in its touch.

  • It tells you about it.

  • Only in Japan, when you find something is awesome.

  • Years on ice cream, ready Vichy's.

  • These are pretty common.

  • Actually.

  • You'll see them around quite often.

  • And then there's tons of different flavors.

  • Chocolate Cheese King.

  • Another kind of chocolate cookies and cream.

  • Very much, really anything you can think.

you hear me?

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