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  • Hey how's it going? My name is Micaela.

  • And today is a boring, boring, rainy day.

  • It is December 23rd, so it's actually like, the day before Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve

  • Eve.

  • And it's raining.

  • It's just raining and raining and raining. I wish it would snow. I wish it would at least

  • TRY to snow?

  • Maybe just like pretend? A little bit? That it's Christmassy, but. It's not.

  • And um, yeah.

  • It's actually like, the weather is so dark, that inside my room it's like super dark too.

  • And it's only 12 pm.

  • It should not be this dark.

  • But it is.

  • I know I could just turn on the lights, but...

  • So today is my day off, and I'm kinda just taking it easy at home and I've never really

  • made like a "day in the life" video where I just stay at home.

  • So, why not today!?

  • Um, I'm gunna just grab the dog and we're gunna go check out the nearby supermarket,

  • and you're coming with me.

  • It's SO dark in here, it's so depressing.

  • Oh my god.

  • Do you wanna go for a walk?

  • Come on, let's go.

  • Lazy dog.

  • Okay Lon we're heading out, see you later bud.

  • I know, yeah yeah.

  • I'm in the one hall I'm not supposed to be in.

  • Look at all this candy.

  • I can't look at it. I can't look at it.

  • I just gotta run. I just gotta run!

  • Lon?

  • What did you do!?

  • I'm so mad at you right now.

  • I can't open the door!

  • I can't! Look at what you did!

  • It's lodged in there....

  • Push the lock back...

  • Well, this sucks.

  • So in situations like this you usually call "Kagi No Hyakutouban", and they usually help

  • if you get locked out of your house or out of your car.

  • Not yet.

  • They said they'd be 30 minutes, and I bought ice cream, and it's melting, so I'm just eating

  • it.

  • So that was unexpected and fun and expensive!

  • It cost $160 for him to open the door.

  • It took 45 minutes? I spent so much time sitting outside waiting for this guy to come.

  • I wanted to make lunch and now I just wanna have a bath, and watch netflix.

  • I got Horoyoi Mitsuringo!

  • "Birth control was your protection."

  • "No, I always forget to take it."

  • "Well if you forget to take it, it doesn't work."

  • "She's LATE, and she's nauseous. And she DOESN'T think she's pregnant? Is she ~INSANE~?"

  • "I mean I'm sure I'm not, don't you think I should just ~wait and see~?"

  • So, I guess the lesson that we learned today is that things don't always go the way that

  • ...

  • I didn't do any laundry, I didn't do any cleaning...

  • I made food, and then now I'm like, I'm exhausted.

  • It's kind of embarrassing. This is not a typical day in the life for me, I swear.

  • Wanna see something cool? Check this out.

  • Kit! Catch!

  • Good work buddy!

  • Catch!

  • Cool!

  • Come on, let's go find the cat.

  • Everyone's here!

  • Yup. That's us.

  • Hopefully the next video will be a little less problematic.

  • I gotta work tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.

  • I hope that everyone has amazing plans to see their families.

  • I'll be outside so if you're in Fukuoka, come say hi?

  • I'm working at the Christmas Market (Tenjin Location) again.

  • Bushy tail.

  • Alright. That's it. Talk to you soon. Bye!

Hey how's it going? My name is Micaela.

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ミカエラの日常ブログ [FAIL edition] My cat locked me out of my own house.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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