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  • Okay, so most of you know that I really, really like cats, and I have a cat back in Canada that I really miss.

  • If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen her pictures.

  • I posted an album of her journey Mission L a album of her here to show those of you who don't follow me on Facebook.

  • She is American short hair, um, out of Japan.

  • I'm not really sure if many people know many cap breeds, but in Japan, pure bred cats are pretty popular.

  • So this is one of the breed that's popular in Japan.

  • American short hair.

  • And they have really funny personality.

  • That's why I like her.

  • And also she's got a really pretty pa turn on her side.

  • Kind of hard to see in these pictures.

  • But she kind of looked like a tiger like a strange tiger.

  • Wait, Tiger.

  • But he made the opposition l my cat, but she's back in Canada living with my family.

  • But, um, I would really love to get a cat.

  • Well, I'm staying here in Japan, but my mom would kill me if I brought another cat back to Canada.

  • And I don't think I'm allowed to have cats in my apartment.

  • So, um, I decided to get a Jeff Annie's Tet.

  • You know, something that I couldn't get?

  • Well, I was in Canada, Something I've never seen in Canada.

  • Um, so I will show you guys who that is.

  • Uh, you're probably wondering what the hell this is.

  • Um, this is a capital mushy.

  • Yes, it's alive.

  • Um, they sleep during the daytime, so he's not to awaken the moment, but he'll probably move.

  • Well, you can see his mouth moving a little bit.

  • Um, in Japan, these are a popular pet with young boys.

  • Mostly, you can catch them in the wild in the forest in Japan.

  • But this one I bought in a pet store it cost 10 years ago in 1200 yen.

  • So, like, $15 or something, you're probably wondering why I would want a pet like this, that it might be creeping some if not most of you out.

  • But I don't know.

  • I think it's cute.

  • It looks like a little rhino.

  • Look at its horn.

  • And, um, yeah, it lives in a little aquarium.

  • I took some video of it with my my real camera.

  • So I'm gonna post that at the end of this video so you can get a look at its cage and such there.

  • Um, but there are lots of different of species is very work of this kind of beetle.

  • This is just one of them.

  • But there's ones with just one long horn coming out, and I'm the females have no horns.

  • Um, yeah.

  • Anyways, if you look up covered, all mushy online, you can feel the different pictures, and yet you convey I them in any Japanese pet store, or you can go and cuts from the wild yourself.

  • But yeah, we don't have anything like this in Canada.

  • So I thought, Why not?

  • You know, I'm in Japan and beautiful gets a sweet Japanese pet that I wouldn't be able to get in Canada.

  • This is a big one.

  • Um, there are a lot smaller ones, but I got the biggest one that I could find, cause I thought it was awesome.

  • Right now he this is his food dish.

  • I don't know if you could see it, but it's got a jelly like a fruit jelly inside of the dish here that I could just pop out and put a new one in, and that's what they eat.

  • It's like a Jell O.

  • It's got vitamins and stuff in it.

  • I don't know.

  • It doesn't look bad healthy, but, um, you can also feed them fruit.

  • He really likes Banana.

  • Um, what else did they like?

  • I think I read apples somewhere, but mainly they eat this jelly, and that's about it in the wild.

  • I'm not sure exactly what they eat.

  • Maybe trees, Um, and like, rotting fruits and stuff like that, I can give you a good look at him like he's, like, a little right.

  • Oh, well, my friends think I will.

  • Weirdo, I think is cute.

  • Um, yeah.

  • So I will post the video that I took my camera.

  • Now check that out.

Okay, so most of you know that I really, really like cats, and I have a cat back in Canada that I really miss.

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Pets are cooler in Japan. 日本のペットカッコいい!!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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