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  • Long time no see :)

  • First video in a while

  • Sorry about that

  • School will start again

  • in about a week

  • So I'm been hanging out

  • with my friends a lot recently :)

  • Can't believe it's almost April!

  • My exchange will end

  • in September

  • well, August I guess

  • But...

  • I don't want to go back to Canada at all

  • So I decided

  • to transfer to a Japanese university

  • So I guess that means

  • I'll be in Japan for good!

  • I'll be looking for a job here when I graduate

  • Soo...

  • Don't think I'll ever be going back to Canada

  • Well, I'll miss my family

  • So I'll go back to visit of course

  • But then I'll be back to Japan

  • So looks like I'll be continuing my channel for longer than I thought! :)

  • Haven't been doing anything too interesting lately

  • Just having fun with my friends

  • So there's not much

  • that I have to tell you

  • But recently, I've been watching lots of

  • horror movies!

  • But they haven't been scary enough >

  • If you know any good horror movies, PLEASE

  • tell me about them :D

  • Hmm.. what have I seen recently...

  • Oh yah, "Teke teke"

  • That one wasn't too bad

  • It was kinda cool

  • Not scary enough for me though...

  • But other than that one, they all suck :(

  • They're not scary at all...

  • Please tell me some good movies! I love horror movies~

  • So I really

  • would like to find some good ones!

  • Hmm what else have I been up to...

  • Well I basically just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be staying in Japan

  • and I will make some more videos soon :)

  • Seeya next time! :D

Long time no see :)

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A2 horror scary staying canada soo yah

カナダに帰りたくないです Staying in Japan!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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