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  • I've just come for dinner at my favorite family restaurant in Japan's Get This place is cheap and yummy and its chain extract so you can find it anywhere in Japan.

  • And today I'm going to introduce the food that I used to think was absolutely disgusting looking.

  • And then I tried it, and it's so delicious, and I'm so addicted to it.

  • So I really wanted to show it to you guys that maybe some people that come to Japan would go a little bit out of their comfort zone and try it.

  • A CZ Well, all right, let's look at the menu and see what they got here.

  • First, there's like appetizers, chicken salads, and then this is also really, really delicious.

  • It's called Dodea.

  • It's got race on the bottom, and then it's like a creamy sauce and then a meat sauce on top.

  • It is so good, and it's only 2 99 to 99.

  • Guys, it's $3 and it's so good to get it with an egg on top.

  • Or you can get some like bread on the side.

  • There's a shrimp version.

  • Oh, they're so yummy.

  • They also have Pete says their pizzas air pretty small, but they're very delicious.

  • Cheese, salami and bacon.

  • And the menu has English on it, which is cool.

  • He'll solve hamburger dishes.

  • Hamburgers in Japan never come with a bun.

  • It's always just like the hamburger meat and then usually get a sight of race with it.

  • But these are also cheap.

  • $4 $5.

  • All right now for the past of section I'm gonna be eating something out of here today and that will be the spaghetti taco sauce.

  • So taco is fish eggs on.

  • We don't eat fish eggs in Canada, at least, most people don't.

  • So first I thought that was really, really weird and kind of gross.

  • But then one of my Japanese friends made me try it, and it is so delicious like I can't even explain it.

  • I can't compare it to anything.

  • It's slightly spicy.

  • The sauce is creamy.

  • It's so good.

  • Anyways, I will order that and show it to you guys.

  • Here is the vegetable and mushroom pizza.

  • This is my favorite.

  • Out of the pizzas, it's very cheesy.

  • This is the three yummy and the main attraction.

  • My kanako cream spaghetti Look very closely you can see the little fish eggs.

  • He's our cod roe.

  • All right, let's dig in.

  • This is roasted.

  • See meat on.

  • So I really, like explain.

  • Look, please.

  • Terms of it kind of has a slight fishies leave for maybe, like a like a creamy salmon sauce or something.

  • That's probably the closest thing.

  • Slightly spicy, but not much.

  • Now I'm going to force Kelsey Detroit.

  • Good, right?

  • What, Would you compare the flavor, too, if you had to compare it to something?

  • Um, well, taste like fish kind of fish, but not too bad, right?

  • Yeah.

  • It's like eating dick.

  • Grilled salmon.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • I thought it had a slight flavour.

  • It's pretty tasty.

  • All right, so the name of this restaurant is size there.

  • Uh, on.

  • Really?

  • They are all over Japan, and it's cheap and yummy.

  • So I definitely recommend that you come here and try a taco.

  • Pasta.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • I feel later.

I've just come for dinner at my favorite family restaurant in Japan's Get This place is cheap and yummy and its chain extract so you can find it anywhere in Japan.

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JAPANESE FOOD: Fish Egg Pasta!? たらこパスタ大好きな外国人

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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