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  • Yeah.

  • You took a Halloween party and having their familiar It's insane.

  • I'll try and get some chops people's questions, but it's so dark out there.

  • But it's difficult, but yeah, he's doing the video.

  • Happy Halloween, everyone.

  • No, I get very NASA.

  • I hope you have an awesome I already owe you like that.

  • That could only be wide.

  • That doesn't make up this awesome.

  • Yeah, you get it.

  • I think you know, I bring you brought in Japan.

  • He's got chocolate on it.

  • This guy's the ninja turtle detail.

  • We Oh, magic, no company thinker and everything in it.

  • I don't think the way you look adorable.

  • Go home.

  • Oh, no.

  • Okay, check this out.

  • She looks fricking amazing.

  • She made it all herself.

  • Original character gorge.

  • So I need to get a close up of your eyes.

  • The makeup looks so awesome.

  • How long did it take you to get ready?

  • Yeah.

  • Wow, that's really cool.

  • Hey, everybody, I'm finally meeting my superstar into hand.

  • This is Charlotte.

  • I can't believe this feeling giddy.

  • No, it was a great party.

  • If you ever get invited to this thing, you got to our party.


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