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  • There have been many illumination videos this year already, but I'm confident that Fukuoka has some of the best displays this year.

  • Hands down today, I'm gonna show you some of my favorite spots here in Fukuoka City that create the perfect holiday atmosphere in the first place is he cut his square in engine, which is the young and popular shopping district in Fukuoka.

  • This is their first year doing Christmas eliminations like this, but it's a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, since it's located right in front of the train station.

  • Many people pass through on their way home after a busy day of shopping or chatting with friends.

  • The on the other side of downtown, there's hook at the station.

  • I look forward to these illuminations every year, and I've even made a video in the past year.

  • But this year they've brought something entirely new to Christmas in Fukuoka, and that is the Christmas market, drawing inspiration from Christmas markets all over the world.

  • This'll market showcases trinkets imported directly from Germany, but there's a lot of locally made stuff here as well.

  • This is the only place in all of Kyushu to have that full Christmas experience without having to leave Japan.

  • Since it's right outside the station, it's really easy to just drop by on your way home after worker after hanging out all day on next, there's Canal City.

  • This'd a famous shopping mall located right in between tension station and how Cop s station.

  • Every year they have a famous Christmas display, but this year they've done something completely different, and it's really cool connecting to the WiFi.

  • Using your smartphone device, you could choose your own decorations to light up the centerpiece at the mall.

  • It's a really cool, interactive experience that kind of connects you to other shoppers at the mall.

  • As you can see, this makes Canal City a really popular date spot during the holidays as well.

  • And finally, Fukuoka Tower.

  • It's quite a far away from the city center, but seeing the tower lit up like a giant Christmas trees, something you got to see at least once when you're in Fukuoka, they have a special photo spot where you can set your camera angled perfectly so you can get the entire tower.

  • One shot.

  • I have to warn you, though.

  • The lights go off at 11 p.m. sharp with no morning.

  • So you got to get there early.

  • That's it for Christmas illuminations in Fukuoka.

  • But what are your plans for the holidays?

  • Let me know and have fun.

There have been many illumination videos this year already, but I'm confident that Fukuoka has some of the best displays this year.

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