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  • eyes.

  • I am up a viewing area with Kayla, and we're checking out some planes.

  • We're now at the Discovery Museum, which is a music inside of Canada.

  • Coco, we'll shut this.

  • So the theme of this museum tea container.

  • So this continues.

  • You see here are for keeping green tea, so let's museums a little different than other museums will find.

  • It is to sit down and relax and enjoy the exhibition.

  • And at your seat you'll find a chart of all the different containers.

  • You can look at them a little closer We are first hotel, Which hotel inside of you.

  • So the funny thing about this hotel is is divided into an area for women in an area for men.

  • So if you're a couple, you can't stay here together, apparently.

  • But together you got a chest cricketers high five paper scissors studies inundated by getting a way.

  • So the first time that we were in was a first class room, and now we're in the business class, which is a little smaller.

  • It's like this.

  • There's no space for walking around or anything that's got a life.

  • TV is a Japanese style bath.

  • There are several shower stalls and you all shower together.

  • But for people like me, they don't want to shower with other.

  • They also have personal Marcel's way have come to the phone booth, which is also very shoddy.

  • So you guys air at Haneda cocoa or you're in the area and you did a place to stay.

  • I definitely recommend this hotel.

  • I love it.

  • I think I'll be staying here.

  • Boys and girls, Thanks for watching.


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Exploring Japan's Haneda Airport 羽田空港アドベンチャー!その②

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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