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  • Hi, I'm Makayla.

  • I'm Canadian, but I live in Japan.

  • I'm a video blogger.

  • I usually make YouTube videos about my daily life here, but this time I'm on a new mission to go back to my country, Canada, and introduce it to both Japan and the world.

  • For two weeks, I'll be traveling across Canada by train, enjoying tons of new experiences, eating delicious local foods and making new friends.

  • And I'll be reporting all of my adventures back to you.

  • Sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and via rail, thin is made in Canada.

  • Coming from Asia, Vancouver is the most easily accessible Canadian city.

  • One direct flight from Tokyo will land you here in about eight hours.

  • It's partially and thanks to this easy access that Vancouver has been able to develop a very multicultural city.

  • One interesting thing about Greater Vancouver is that it's actually a little bit larger in area than Tokyo, but it only has 1/6 of the population.

  • So, for example, while this is Vancouver, this same street in Japan might look like this.

  • Vancouver, a modest metropolitan city with easy access to the great outdoors.

  • Just a quick drive from Stanley park is capital suspension bridge, a nice little thrill for those afraid of heights.

  • But aside from that, the nature walks in the area are highly recommended.

  • Grouse Mountain is also quick.

  • Stop away many Vancouver.

  • It's challenged the grouse grind a steep girling hike up the mountain.

  • But for the less physically inclined like myself, there's a tram also available to reach the top, where you'll find food and in the winter, even a ski.

  • And with instant access to the mountains and the sea, Vancouver offers a wide selection of fresh and delicious food.

  • It is this city of Vancouver that is our first stop along a cross country trip.

  • And since I just happened to be born here, I decided that for my video I'd like to tag along with one of my friends as they go shopping downtown and show you where girls my age like to shop.

  • Josslyn, how did we meet?

  • The first time we met was in grade 33 as I recall.

  • And, uh, Mikayla invited me into the Sailor Moon, which I didn't happened wear right now juice.

  • After grabbing some juice, Jasmine and I headed down to historic gas town which was Vancouver's original downtown core.

  • Now it's a popular place for tourists, but also home to a lot of fashion boutiques and select shops.

  • So then you have a dress like that, and then you have something that you could have this over top.

  • Oh my gosh.

  • And you wear it with what?

  • Anything you want, anything you want, because I absolutely would wear me now you, which is a nice speech.

  • Nice.

  • I wish I could have spent a little more time in Vancouver, but it was time to catch the train and head to Jasper.

  • My first time would be a rail, and I was really excited because I found out that the train would stop for 30 minutes in my hometown.

  • I haven't seen my parents in a really long time.

  • It's really nice if I could see them there.

Hi, I'm Makayla.

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