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  • (Music playing)

  • Josh: Cool!

  • Sharla: The watermelon looks really tempting.

  • These plates are adorable?

  • Look at the little faces.

  • I wonder, how much the watermelon is?

  • It’s yellow.

  • IT’S ONLY 100 yen/$1.00. DUDE!

  • Josh: You could get one if you want.

  • Sharla: That’s gigantic! This one comes with two, so let’s get this one.

  • (Sharla and Josh laugh)

  • Sharla: Yay! Josh: Yay!

  • Sharla: They really are all out with the corn. Check these out.

  • It looks like a whole can of corn on each one.

  • Josh: Yeah, it’s cream corn too

  • Sharla: It is kind of good actually.

  • (Sharla and Josh laugh)

  • Sharla: It’s kind of tempting!

  • Maybe later. We ordered quite of few.

  • Josh: We did order.

  • Sharla: Check out this iPad, guys.

  • Josh: I love it!

  • Sharla: This restaurant youll order the iPad. Fancy!

  • Josh: Yeeaah!

  • Maybe we ordered a little too much?

  • Sharla: Nah!

  • Yay! My favourite, “Maguro and Takuan”.

  • Lots of places have this now. I thought it just like a special sushi roll thing.

  • MmmMMM

  • mmm...

  • It’s so good!

  • (Sharla's happy dance)

  • You have to try one, Josh.

  • Josh: I have to try one?

  • Sharla: Yeah

  • Josh’s first magutakumaki

  • Josh: itadakimasu

  • Oh wow! It’s really good!

  • Sharla: Right?

  • Josh: Mmm-hmm.

  • Sharla: Our food came a little shinkansen

  • Josh: Bye bye Sharla: Yay!

  • (Background music)

  • Subtitled by Jhoe Rosales.

(Music playing)

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